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Fireplace Door Replacement Glass: Replace Glass or Get New Doors?

OK – you are looking to replace a broken pane in your fireplace glass doors. The big question is will the cost with your labor be a better deal than just getting a new set of glass doors? If you decide to just replace the pane of glass, will it match the other panes of glass or will it stand out like a sore thumb?

I recommend replacing the glass if:

  • Your door’s hardware will allow you to replace the glass. Many doors use an adhesive silicon strip that makes it very difficult to replace the glass and some doors use permanent clips that are very hard to work with.
  • You have expensive high end doors that look great and would cost a lot to replace.

I recommend getting new doors if:

  • If you cannot easily get to the hardware channel holding the glass in.
  • If your current doors are old, dated, and worn.
  • If your unbroken panes of glass are dirty and soot stained, then they will be hard to match.

If you decide to replace the glass. A couple of tips:

    • You must get tempered glass that is a minimum of 3/8” thick. Regular glass will not withstand the wear and tear of a fireplace.
    • Tempered glass is MUCH more expensive than regular glass, because it has to be cut to size and heat treated. So expect to pay anywhere from $50 – $100 for the glass. You must get tempered glass, because it is made to withstand the heat of a fireplace. (Remember – even though it is tempered glass never burn a fire with your glass doors closed).
    • Are the other panes of glass stained with smoke and soot. Many times they are so dirty that a new piece of glass will never match.
    • Time – the time it takes to replace the glass may be the deciding factor between new glass or new doors.
    • Pro’s – Replacing just the glass is an economical solution for the right fireplace and diy’er.
    • Cons – you order glass, mess around with it for a couple of hours and it never looks as good as new doors would’ve.
    • Cost $75+ Installation Time 1 – 2 hours

The reason replacing your fireplace doors is a viable option is that by the time you get the tempered glass and install it you are very close to the cost of some new doors. So as with any home repair consider:

  • New doors update your room and add value to your house. They look good.
  • Pro’s – New doors are easy to install they typically pop right in or install with a drill and screw driver.
  • New doors come in many sizes and flavors. They make a nice finishing touch and update your room.
  • New doors will typically cost $230 – $400 – Installation Time ½ -1 hour

When you spend the extra time to research what is best for your situation and how it will affect you long term. Replacing your fireplace glass doors with a new set instead of piecing it together is the more economical solution.

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