Glass Doors for fireplaces were invented as a convenience to stop the drafts that come down a chimney after a fire goes out. They have evolved into a functional decorative accessory for any home or room. The good news is that they are fairly simple DIY project and only take about 30 minutes or so to install.

You need to determine what kind of fireplace you have so that you can get the correct doors. There are two types of fireplaces:

Masonry (Brick Firebox)

  • Masonry fireplaces have a brick firebox and chimney so cooling and ventilation is not an issue.
  • You will need to decide whether you want an overlap or inside fit door. An overlap door fits outside the firebox resting on the front of your fireplace. An inside fit provides a cleaner look and mounts just inside the opening of your fireplace fitting flush with the fireplace.
  • Installation will also require masonry drill bit and anchor screw to mounting the door in your fireplace.

Factory (Metal Firebox)

  • Factory or Prefab fireplaces have a metal firebox and chimney. Because metal is a good heat conductor, they require proper ventilation for cooling and safety. (Fireboxes can get up to 1300 degrees)
  • Some factory fireplaces are ready made for doors to be installed. Many times you can get ready made doors that pop right in to your fireplace and already have a track to slide in. If not there are lots of doors that come with a frame that will fit into your fireplace.
  • An easy way to shop for doors is to start by finding the dog tag in your fireplace to get your model number.

Once you have determined what fireplace style you have, you are ready to pick out your beautiful new set of fireplace glass doors. While there are a variety of styles to choose from, it is best to know your manufacturer and model number as well as the dimensions of your fireplace before placing the all or shopping online.

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