Why it’s important to plan in advance and think about purchasing a new fireplace door in the summer. 3 reasons why you need a fireplace glass door.

It’s summer and your fireplace is taking a rest from all the hard work it’s done all winter long. But it’s not too early to start planning for fall.  In the summer heat it’s hard to imagine the chill of autumn air will be here  before you know it and your fireplace needs to be ready. Adding a new set of fireplace glass doors is a great place to start.

Safety – An open firebox needs a screen to keep sparks from flying out of the firebox.  It’s common for logs to shift as the fire burns down.  Glass doors can be closed when the fire begins to die down to ensure a burning log can’t  roll out of the firebox onto the floor of your home.  Damage to your carpet and flooring could occur from stray sparks, cinders, or logs.

Save On Energy Bills – Fireplace glass doors help keep the cold air out  and the warm air in during the winter months.  The chimney damper is not a tight seal so it can’t prevent air from escaping or entering.  Glass doors help keep out drafts that come down the chimney.

Style and Beauty – Fireplace doors come in many styles and colors.  The frames are usually made of aluminum or steel.  The glass comes in clear or tinted, which can help hide unsightly ashes in the firebox after a fire.  The frame comes in basic black or can be painted to accent almost any decor.  The glass doors come in cabinet style with two glass panes or bi-fold with four pieces of glass.

When you get ready to purchase your fireplace door have your firebox opening dimensions handy.  Knowing the name of the fireplace manufacturer and the model number if it’s a factory built fireplace is helpful to ensure the door is built to the correct size.

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