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In the market for custom fireplace doors? We build our custom doors to order to fit into the dimensions of your fireplace. That’s not all! Your door will not only be a perfect fit for your fireplace, but it can also be a perfect fit for your decor. You can customize the frame and the glass to ensure your fireplace doors are everything you want them to be.

Custom Glass Fireplace Doors

What is a custom fireplace door? Fireplace doors fall into two categories: stock and custom-built. Stock doors are mass-produced doors that are ready as soon as you order them. Each model comes in three preset sizes. If the dimensions of one of the stock sizes matches your fireplace dimensions, then you’re good to go. However, if your fireplace differs even slightly in size from the stock door sizes, your doors won’t be a perfect fit.

Custom fireplace doors are built to the exact dimensions you request so they will fit your fireplace perfectly. The size is not the only customizable feature though.  You can choose between 14 frame colors and three glass tints.  You can add a screen or a damper, and you can choose the style of the doors themselves.

Interested in stock doors? Brick-Anew has the largest selection of stock doors on the market.

Masonry vs Prefab/Zero Clearance Fireplace Doors

You could have a masonry fireplace or a prefabricated (also called zero clearance) fireplace.  Masonry fireboxes are made of stone or brick while prefabricated fireplaces are made of metal.  Rap on the walls of your firebox with your knuckles to see what kind of fireplace you have.  Watch this video for more information.

Masonry fireplaces accept overlap fit doors.  These doors overlap the edge of the firebox.  Prefabricated fireplaces only accept inset fireplace doors.  These doors fit just inside the frame of your firebox and are flush with the surround.  Since prefab doors are inset, they must be custom made to fit smoothly into the firebox.  Masonry doors, however are a little more flexible.  Since the door fits outside the firebox, a range of sizes could technically fit the fireplace.  However, this can lead to a sloppy fit.  In this image, you can see that the door overlaps the top of the fireplace so far that you can see brick within the door frame.

poorly fitting fireplace doors
custom fitting doors

While custom doors are more expensive, they provide a perfect fit and can be customized to match the color of the brick and other decor.  These doors were custom made for the same fireplace in the image above. The fit is perfect and the frame matches the brick for a polished, professional look. That kind of precision can be worth the price.

Please note the prefab doors on this page are for customers who do not know their manufacturer.  If you can find your manufacturer (located on a metal tag in you firebox) you'll want to shop doors made for that manufacturer.  All the general doors you see on this page are also available made for specific manufacturers.

Custom Fireplace Doors Return Policy

Custom doors are made specifically for you and your fireplace so returns on custom doors are rare. Brick-Anew is one of the few companies that has a 30 day return policy on all our custom doors. Check out more details on our return policy here.

Custom Glass Fireplace Doors Near Me

While many of you may be searching for a professional team nearby to come measure your fireplace, choose your doors, and install your new doors when ready, this is an expensive service. You’ll end up spending about $500 more on this service than you would if you measured and installed your doors yourself. While this can be a daunting process, Brick-Anew’s customer service team is by your side every step of the way to answer questions and help with any of your concerns.  Feel free to call or send us email.  Our customer service team are experts and are happy to assist you.

Measuring for Custom Fireplace Doors

Measuring your fireplace for your new doors might be the scariest part of the process.  Don't stress; hundreds of homeowners like you have measured from home and gotten perfect doors from Brick-Anew.  Check out these videos for a little extra help.

Style Customization Options

Arched Custom Glass Fireplace Doors

Arched doors come in two variations: (1) a square piece of glass with an arched piece of metal in front of it to create the illusion of arched glass and (2) real arched glass inside a metal frame to fit. Typically the second kind of arched door will be much more expensive; however, the true arched glass provides a majestic look that other doors can't mimic.

faux arched doors
These doors have an arched look created by the steel on top of the glass.
true arched glass doors
These doors were made from a custom piece of arched glass.

Forged Iron Custom Fireplace Doors

Fireplace door frames used to be made of iron. However, modern fireplace doors are made of either steel or aluminum. Powder coated steel doors can have a beautiful forged iron appearance.

Custom Glass Fireplace Doors Powder Coating

Steel fireplace door frames can be colored using a powder coating. This is a heat safe and durable color coating that will last as long as your fireplace doors do. If your doors are aluminum, they will be anodized, not powder coated.  Either way, you'll have a beautifully colored, heat-resistant frame.  Aluminum can also be hammered into different textures, but steel will always have a flat finish.

frame finishes

Custom Glass Fireplace Door Mesh Screens

While fireplace doors often have to have exact measurements to fit into the firebox, fireplace screens aren’t as demanding. Brick-Anew does not offer custom mesh screens, though you can add a screen to your custom fireplace door.