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Glass Fireplace Doors - Masonry or Prefab?

Before you start shopping for our fireplace doors, you will want to determine if your fireplace is a masonry or a prefabricated (prefab).

Masonry and prefab fireplaces are made out of different materials and have different safety codes. A masonry firebox is made out of brick or stone, whereas a prefab fireplace has a metal firebox with ceramic refractory panels.

It is good to note that prefab fireplace door replacements require a custom fitting door size, whereas a masonry fireplace can often use standard sizes such as small, medium, or large.

Prefab Glass Fireplace Doors

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Prefab Or Masonry: What Kind Of Fireplace Door Do You Need?

There are two main types of fireplaces that you can have installed and both require different fitting fireplace replacement doors.

These are namely prefab and masonry fireplaces which require corresponding doors. But which one should you go for? Most fireplaces are prefabricated, meaning they are made in a factory and installed in your home at a later stage.

It’s much easier to get a hold of masonry fireplace doors, as they usually come in three standard sizes, mainly small, medium, or large. Prefab fireplace doors, however, need to be custom-built to ensure they fit your prefab fireplace.

The key difference between masonry and prefab fireplaces is what they’re made of.  Masonry fireplaces have a firebox made of brick or stone while prefab fireplaces have metal fireboxes.  While a masonry fireplace is built during the initial construction of the house, prefab fireplaces are prefabricated (hence the name) in a factory and can be installed in a home at any time.  They are also known as zero clearance and factory built fireplaces.

Prefab Fireplace Door Brands.

At Brick Anew, we are able to supply you with premade fireplace doors to fit fireplaces designed and manufactured by certain brands. We supply fireplaces and fireplace doors for the likes of:

  • Heatilator
  • Superior
  • Lennox
  • Majestic
  • Martin
  • Temco
  • Preway
  • FMI
  • Trueheat
  • Heat N Glo
  • Marco

Our team of experts is ready to help you choose the right fireplace doors from these brands. Because prefabricated fireplaces have specific fittings, it’s not advisable to go to your local store to try and source fireplace doors from there. They will likely not fit and will not perform the function of a fireplace door to the best of their ability. We’re here to offer advice on the best way to go when it comes to choosing your fireplace doors.

Our Prefab Fireplace Doors Are Custom To Your Fireplace

Brick Anew takes pride in ensuring that the fireplace doors we deliver to you are custom-built to match your fireplace’s measurements exactly. Through custom building your fireplace doors to match your fireplace, we ensure that they fit your fireplace every time. We understand that accidents happen, which is why Brick Anew also provides you with replacement fireplace door options that we can build to spec.

Why Is It Important To Get The Right Type Of Door?

Getting the right fireplace door is vital for your fireplace design as it ensures that the fireplace functions optimally. A well-fitted fireplace door means that the heat output from the fireplace is going to be as good as possible and will also help keep the surrounding area of the fireplace clean. When your fireplace door is fitted with your fireplace correctly, it decreases the chances of the doors becoming damaged and the mechanisms becoming bokeh, saving you time and money in the long term.

Choosing Your Replacement Fireplace Door

After determining your fireplace type and measuring its dimensions, you are ready to find the perfect glass fireplace door.

If your fireplace is prefab, find your manufacturer (or brand) and order the door that best compliments your home’s decor.

If your fireplace is masonry, you can select the proper size in the options on any door we have listed.

At Brick Anew, we have a no questions asked guarantee. If you order a fireplace door and it doesn’t fit, all you have to do is get in touch with us, and we will help you receive a replacement fireplace door that matches your fireplace perfectly.

3 Simple Steps To Get The Perfect Fireplace Door:

How To Find Fireplace Model Number and Manufacturer

1. Determine your fireplace type.

Determine if you have a Masonry or Prefab fireplace. If you have a Prefab fireplace, locate your model number & manufacturer. Prefab fireplaces will typically have a metal plate on the front, or just inside the firebox, sometimes it will be inside above the opening. This plate tells you which brand you fireplace is, as well as the specific model number. Having this information on your order makes the confirmation process more efficient.

How To Measure A Fireplace Opening for Fireplace Doors

2. Measure the fireplace opening.

Once you’ve identified the manufacturer and model number, take some pictures of the height, width, and recess depth of your fireplace. See below for more info on how to take proper measurement photos. If you are unable to locate your model and manufacturer, review the pictures below, send those photos to sales@brick-anew.com.

Order Fireplace Glass Doors

3. Confirm size and place order.

Once you’ve taken your measurements, place your order. One of our fireplace specialists will reach out to personally confirm your order and ensure that your prefab fireplace door will fit perfectly upon arrival. You may be asked to send photos if your measurements are off or you have a custom order.

How To Take Measurement Photos

(If you know your fireplace model number, this is a guide to show you how to measure so you can place your order. If you do not have a model number or your model number is not listed on our site, please send all the pictures shown below of your measurements.)

Firebox Opening

Get down level with the fireplace, take picture straight on, up close.

*We want to see at least 2 inches of what is surrounding your opening.


Firebox Width

With tape measure in full view from beginning to end, take width measurement. Inside opening at the front of your firebox. Touching black metal to black metal. If you have raised screwheads on the sides right inside your firebox, touch screwhead to screwhead.


Firebox Height

With tape measure in full view from beginning to end, take height measurement. Inside opening. Metal lip to metal lip. You may have a track in the top and or bottom. This track will be removed prior to installing the EZ Door Series doors. You will remove the track(s) and take your measurements as shown.

*If your fireplace model number is listed feel free to place your order after measuring. If we find a discrepancy in your dimensions we will email you for additional information. We double check everything!


Recess Depth (Top)

Look up into your top track area (where your doors would roll back & forth) and show us how wide that track is with your tape measure. Note: This fireplace has a strip of metal that would be an obstruction for some fireplace doors. It is important your stop at the first obstruction and measure. If you do not have an obstruction, you will measure to your mesh curtain rod inside the firebox.


Recess Depth (Bottom)

If you have a bottom track, measure the track. If you don’t have a track, measure the small flat area right up front. If you have a track that can be removed, remove it and then measure the recess depth as shown.

How To Measure for Fireplace Doors


Recess Depth (Sides)

Put your tape measure lip on the outside of the fireplace. Going inward with your tape measure, stop at the first obstruction. Look on both the left and right sides for any obstructions. Flue handle, damper control handles, flared out vents and angled sides. These things can prevent our door system from properly installing.

Ready to order?

If you're still unsure of what you have measured please email your photos to sales@brick-anew.com and our fireplace specialists will help you find the perfect door!