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Black Fireplace Firebox Paint

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Brick Anew’s black firebox paint is formulated to withstand temperatures as high as 1200°F without cracking, peeling, or blistering. Our 16oz can of firebox paint conceals everything from creosote to soot stains, providing the perfect backdrop for your fire. There are many great uses for firebox paint, check out our Brick-Anew Paint Colors for more! This paint will restore the beauty of your old stove or grill, or bring a great look to a new project. Use with confidence that your paint will look great for years to come all while keeping rust at bay.

If you are looking for other fireplace painting ideas to transform your old brick fireplace, we also offer our custom brick fireplace paint.

  • Adheres to steel, cast iron, aluminum, brick
  • Great for grills, stoves, smokers, stove pipes, or chimney caps
  • No primer needed
  • Available in flat black
  • See Data & Information Tab below
  • Unavailable to California Residents (prop.65)

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Make Your Firebox Look Brand New with High-Temperature Fireplace Firebox Paint by Brick Anew!

Your firebox takes the heat - and suffers some of the most extensive damage from smoke and accumulated soot. Our 16oz can of black firebox paint conceals everything from creosote to soot stains, providing the perfect backdrop for your fire. <strong>Black Fireplace Paint</strong> is formulated to withstand temperatures as high as 1200 degrees without cracking, peeling, or blistering.

RUTLAND 1200°F Hi-Temp Flat Black Brush-On Paint is specially formulated to resist peeling and blistering in temperatures up to 1200°F. Renews the finish on natural cast iron, grills, ovens, or cookers – anywhere a high-temperature-resistant, flat black coating is needed. This quality paint is great for grills, stoves, smokers, stove pipes, fireplace inserts, furnaces, barbecues, mailboxes, lampposts, fireplace tools, brass, firebrick, and chimney caps. Use with confidence that your paint will look great for years to come all while keeping rust at bay.

  • 16 fl oz Can
  • Flat black
  • Contains no lead, fluorocarbons, or vinyl chloride
  • No primer needed
  • 1 year UV resistance after application
  • Fast drying and color-fast
  • Non-toxic when dry
  • Weather- and heat-resistant
  • At least two layers are recommended
  • Heat cure is not required for two layers, but best results are obtained after heat curing
  • Not for direct food contact
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Adheres to steel, cast iron, aluminum, brick
  • Great for grills, stoves, smokers, stove pipes, or chimney caps
  • No primer needed
  • Available in flat black

Can be used to paint the inside of a masonry firebox

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Toluene, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.


    Wear protective gloves and eyewear. Prepare surface by removing all loose, scaly material and sanding rusty spots with fine sandpaper. Remove any polish or wax with lacquer thinner. DO NOT THIN PAINT. Stir paint until uniform throughout.

Brush on COLD SURFACE. FIRE MUST BE COMPLETELY OUT. At least 2 layers of paint are recommended. For best results, allow paint to air-dry for 24 hours, then heat cure to 500°F. Be sure all paint is dry before re-firing. Provide ventilation when firing for the first time after painting. Some smoke and odors are given off during this process.
Heat cure is recommended for best results. For 3+ layers, heat cure is required.
For more information on this product you can contact Rutland at:

Rutland Customer Service
1430 Environ Way
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
Phone: 800-544-1307
Fax: 802-775-5262

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Product Reviews

7 reviews for Black Fireplace Firebox Paint

  1. TOMS CORNER…..Staff

    TOMS CORNER………..Hey, Welcome to Tom’s Corner. $19.50 might sound like you are paying a premium for your Fireplace Paint. In some ways its true, however now that your fireplace surround brick is looking shiny new, why not dress up the metal fireplace? Only a high heat paint (1,200 degree) can protect the area, not standard trim paint. The paint can also be used for painting the firebrick inside the fireplace. Now your fireplace accents your project.
    Got a little paint left over, then touch up any metal (like the mail box, etc).

    Thanks for visiting Tom’s Corner, if you have any questions please contact us at 800-897-7175…………Tom

  2. Wendy (Staff)

    I see pictures of fireplaces every day where people get a new mantel, fireplace doors or paint their brick and they are so proud of their “new’ fireplace. And it looks great…except for one thing. The sooty, stained firebox. You know…the inside of the fireplace where you build the fire. Painting the firebox black hides soot stains and makes the firebox look like new. Rutland makes a black, high-temperature grill and stove paint that withstands temperatures up to 1200 degrees without blistering or peeling. It comes in a pint container and you brush it on. The only downside is the strong fumes, so be sure to open windows and doors until it dries and the smell is gone. It definitely adds that finishing touch to your fireplace!

  3. Kathleen A. Kiang (verified owner)

    After scrubbing the soot off the inside of our firebox and letting it dry completely, I sued a course brush to apply Rutland Hi-Temp Paint on the mortar lines first and then a small thick roller to paint the blocks. I kept going over the inside of the firebox until I had used up all the paint. Good ventilation is a must while applying the paint. I wore a mask that did not help a lot but was better than nothing. After the paint dried, I had a chimney sweep clean the chimney and he complimented me on the job and said I used the correct paint on the firebox. He installed a new H Burner and I put in the fire glass. The end product is a stunning fire-on-ice fireplace thanks to the prep work with the Rutland Hi-Temp Paint!

  4. Rick Schwartz (verified owner)

    Just finished painting the firebox and it looks awesome. As mentioned in other reviews proper ventilation is a must. Also clean up is a bit challenging. I would recommend using an old brush and just throwing it away. The product went on great and easy enough. While I was skeptical that I would have enough paint when I got the can, it was more than enough. Priced seemed a bit much but WELL worth it. Would highly recommend the product.

  5. Larissa (verified owner)

    This stuff is great! It shipped quickly and one can was more than enough to repaint my entire large firebox.

    Make sure you have good ventilation when you’re using it because it is very strong. When it dries it’s a beautiful and non-smelly matte black.

    My fireplace hasn’t looked this good in years!

  6. Carson (verified owner)

    Really pleased with the product so far. Applied it to quick dry concrete that had been applied as a final layer on the inside of an outdoor natural gas fire-pit. The quick dry concrete had an unfinished, dirty light beige color/look to it…this Brick-Anew Black Firebox paint went on easily, dried nicely, and has had no issues holding up through ten or so hours of total firepit use time so far. Has a really nice, clean look to it. Exactly what I was looking for.

  7. Julie Edwards (verified owner)

    I painted the inside of our firebox after having the fireplace tiled. I followed the advice of others’ reviews online: I bought a respirator and I planned to use an old brush and throw it out when I was done. I didn’t even notice the odor while I was working because of the respirator, and it does seem to dry very quickly so the odor dissipates fast. The paint coverage was good, though I could have used maybe 1/3 of another can. (I tried to use a roller, but it just SOAKED up the paint and then didn’t put any down on the brick, so I went back to the brush and was sad that I’d lost the paint in the roller.) The inside of our firebox seemed to be a mix of different types of material; some was red brick, some was probably cinder block. The two materials took the paint very differently; the brick took the paint beautifully and the block needed more coverage. It is very black and looks great, I’m glad I used this product and I would use it again.

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