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20″ Revillusion Oak Log Set


20″ Revillusion Birch Log Set


20″ Revillusion Fresh Cut Log Set


25″ Revillusion Oak Log Set

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25″ Revillusion Birch Log Set

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25″ Revillusion Fresh Cut Log Set

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Dimplex 24″ Revillusion Firebox


Dimplex 30″ Revillusion Firebox


Dimplex 36″ Revillusion Firebox


Dimplex 36″ Portrait Revillusion Firebox


Dimplex 42″ Revillusion Firebox


Our Manufacturer

We source our electric fireplaces from Dimplex: the leader in electric fireplace innovation for over 25 years. Dimplex offers quality products that consistently wow us with their safety, beautiful design, and realistic flame effect.

Dimplex provides a trilingual customer service staff to assist should you have any issues once you receive your product. Click here for their contact page.

Revillusion Technology

Revillusion is Dimplex’s newest electric fireplace log technology. Revillusion combines Dimplex’s patented flame effect with a see-through panel. This allows the flames to dance in the middle of (not behind) the logs.

The panel is slightly frosted so it’s not reflective, but it’s still clear enough that you can see all the way through to the back of the fireplace with their Thru-View design.

You can purchase the Revillusion as a full insert or just a log set to install into a preexisting firebox.

Our Policies and More Information

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If you have questions, check our our buyer’s guide or our FAQ page for more information.