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How To Paint A Stone Fireplace White

Whether you’re moving into a new property and want to make the fireplace your own, or you simply wish to give your old one a refresh, you can never go wrong with white.

But how do you ensure your stone fireplace is painted white to perfection? It’s a lot more than just buying the paint and a brush and going over the stone. Not only is there preparation and aftercare to consider, but you need to find the best paint for the ultimate results. 

Below is everything you need to know about how to paint a stone fireplace white, so it looks smooth and bright for years to come.


Where should you get white paint for your stone fireplace?


Luckily, you don’t have to search too far and wide for the perfect white paint option, as Brick Anew has a quality product range for you to browse through. And the best part? Our paints come as part of a kit that comes with all the additional products you need to complete the job and achieve the look you desire.

The top two shades we recommend for you are the Frosted Sunshine and Misty Harbor paints. These will both bring life to your stone fireplace in a way that no other product will. Simply purchase the kit you want and follow the steps below to guarantee the best results. 



Painting your stone fireplace white: A step-by-step guide


You don’t need to dread painting your stone fireplace white, and it can actually be something fun to do. You just need to ensure you know what you’re doing and that you have the right products to help you out. 

This step-by-step guide will talk you through exactly how to paint a stone fireplace white, ensuring you’re happy with how it looks in the end. 


    1. Prepare your area


You don’t want to open the paint straight away. Instead, you need to protect your surroundings and prepare the area. This will ensure no mess or paint gets on any undesirable areas, such as your furniture, walls, and floors. You can easily protect any of these features with plastic or drop cloths. All you need to do is just place them over any nearby pieces of furniture where paint splatters could reach. If you don’t have drop cloths, an old sheet will also suffice. 

To ensure you don’t paint over onto the walls during the process, you can place painter’s tape around the edges of your fireplace. This will help you paint within the lines and also give you a more precise finish. There’s also the option of adding some painting tape at the bottom of the fireplace by the skirting board to help keep your floor safe from excess paint. 


    2. Get the fireplace ready


The next thing you need to do is ensure the stone fireplace is prepped and ready for the paint. This includes cleaning it properly with a bucket of soapy water and a stiff or wire brush. Dip your brush into the water and scrub every piece of stone on the fireplace until there is no excess dust, dirt, or debris left over. Once cleaned, leave it for a few hours with open windows or fans so it can dry.

You also want to ensure the entirety of the fireplace is smooth without any cracks or inconsistencies. You can repair these things with an acrylic latex caulk. Try to ensure it is also a white color to make the painting job easier. 


    3. Prime your stone fireplace


After the fireplace is clean, dry, and ready, you now need to get it primed. Some people skip this step, but it can help ensure the paint clings better to the stone and lasts longer. You can apply the primer of your choice with a roller and use smaller brushes in areas where it is harder and tighter to reach.

Just like when you paint walls or anything else, you need to ensure that the primer is dry and ready before you can move onto the next step. 


    4. Start painting


It’s now time for the fun part! Just like how you primed your stone fireplace, you can now paint it white using the same method. A roller will help the job go faster and reach more areas at once, but you can also use a smaller brush to get to corners, edges, and hard-to-reach areas for a more precise result. 

Depending on your fireplace, you might be fine and ready to go after one coat. Other people might want a more opaque look, so decide to wait for it to dry and apply a second coat. Keep going until you’re happy with the final look.

You can then apply a top coat if you desire, and once everything on the fireplace is dry, it’s time to clean up the area and admire the final work of art you have just created. 


Paint your stone fireplace white with Brick-Anew’s stone fireplace paint kit today


Giving your room a refresh can make you feel so much better, and you can do just that by painting your stone fireplace white. With Brick Anew, you have the perfect paint and tools to help you complete the job to perfection. Browse our Misty Harbor or Frosted Sunshine paint kits today and choose the best shade for you before following our extensive how-to guide.

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