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9 Knockout Ways to Decorate Around Your Misty Harbor Fireplace

after Brick-Anew

If you’ve recently painted your brick with our Misty Harbor Paint Kit, your room has gotten a serious facelift.  At this point, many homeowners find themselves in need of a few new pieces to tie the whole room together.

If you’ve found yourself in a similar position, take a look at the following ways you can finish off your newly revitalized space:

Add a Pop of Color

The grey tones in your fireplace hold their own against one or two vibrant colors.  Take a look at these pillows.

Bright without being shockingly neon, these decorative velvet throw pillows from MIULEE add some interest to the cool grey tones of your fireplace.  The velvet texture is bold and elegant while keeping everything comfortable.

Purple colors also work well with grey tones.  Purple adds to the cool, lightweight feel of a space.

This fleece throw blanket by Bedsure is soft for increased coziness during by-the fire moments.  This particular blanket comes in lots of different sizes so you can pick the best for your needs.

If your space currently has almost no accent color, you may want to add multiple colors at once!  This modern floral area rug by Unique Loom has beautiful, vibrant shades that would immediately liven up your space.

With a couple pieces on the mantel to tie it all together, this rug can become an amazing accent to your new fireplace

Accessorize the Mantel

The second thing you can do to add to your new fireplace is spruce up your mantel.  Before the Misty Harbor paint kit, your brick was old and outdated, and you may have needed to use some outdated decor with it.

Some updated decor for your new brick look is a great way to dramatically improve your fireplace.  This grey-toned wood sign can be customized with the names of your family members.

It’s large enough to act as the center of your mantel display, but it’s not so large as to overpower everything else on the mantel.

Speaking of which, another lovely addition to a mantel is vases with faux flowers.  These faux lavender plants are a gorgeous addition to a fireplace mantel.

They’re low maintenance so you can enjoy them year-round without any hassle or stress.  Real flowers also make a nice addition to a mantel, but they can be expensive to maintain and replace.

If you are finding that your mantel doesn’t quite fit with your fireplace anymore, Brick-Anew can help.  Check out our selection of mantel shelves here.

Update Your Furniture

A third way to update your space is by updating your furniture.  When your fireplace is outdated, you can get away with a slightly outdated sofa as well.

Once you’ve given your fireplace a facelift, however, you’ll quickly notice sagging cushions or worn armrests.  Plus, your room has a lighter feel than it used to and may need a bit of adjustment.

Pink and grey tones look lovely together, and this pink velvet loveseat from Artechworks would be the perfect addition to your new fireplace.

Small enough that you could fit another sitting piece into the room, this small couch is in a lovely pastel pink color.  Even though the color isn’t super bright, grey and this shade of pink are a unique, stand-out combination.

If you’re planning on adding color elsewhere, you may need something a bit simpler.  These chairs are simple, but beautiful.

With plenty of cushion for a comfy resting place, these modern accent chairs from STHOUYN are an excellent choice for fireside evenings.  The dark grey is a lovely addition to a room that already has some lighter grey tones, like you find in your Misty Harbor paint kit.

Mirror, Mirror

The final way we recommend decorating is by using a mirror.  A large mirror can really open up your room.  Mirrors also make rooms appear brighter and more refined.

This MCS sloped mirror has a beautiful ornate frame that will look lovely with other grey tones. 

Or you could go with a simpler look that really highlights the mirror itself.

This Titanium Hubba Mirror by Umbra has a thin, simple frame that has a somewhat industrial look to it.  It comes at an excellent price; many customers say that it looks like it costs much more than what they paid for it!

Final Thoughts

Anytime you make a radical change to your home, you may find it necessary to add a few new pieces to your decor.  This ensures your home looks seamless.

After finishing your Brick-Anew project with the Misty Harbor paint kit, you may consider updating your home’s decor.

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