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How to Shop for Fireplace Doors

If you’re in the process of updating your fireplace this summer in advance of cooler Fall temperatures, then we have a few tips for you when shopping for new fireplace doors.

A new set of glass fireplace doors will help prevent heat from escaping up your chimney, and will help enhance the appearance of your fireplace, too.

Regardless of what type of fireplace you have in your home, wood burning or gas, masonry or prefab, there are a wide variety of options available to choose from. Regardless of what type of fireplace you have installation is pretty simple and quick for the most part, unless you have a very unique and distinctly shaped fireplace.

Still there’s a lot to choose from, so making some decisions in advance of shopping will help a lot.

Fireplace Doors

EZ Door Plus Glass Fireplace Doors

Think about your budget

Shoppers often wonder why prices can vary so much for fireplace doors. Prices can vary for many reasons, including the warranty on the door. For example, some manufacturers offer lifetime warranties, others offer limited warranties.

If your fireplace is an unusual size or shape, you may have to purchase custom doors, which will be more costly.

Pricing can also vary for doors based on the materials used to make them. For example, doors made using anodized aluminium will be much more affordable than doors made of solid brass. So it’s important to consider your budget before you begin shopping for new glass fireplace doors.

Pick the right style and finish for your new fireplace doors

Your next consideration should be which type of door to purchase. Do you want a door set that includes a mesh screen? Or would you prefer either a cabinet or bi-fold style for your new set of doors?

If you’re concerned about the safety of small children or pets in your home, you may want to invest in a set of doors with a screen for added protection. If the space is limited in your home, you may want to choose bi-fold doors
Next, think about your home’s decor and style before ordering your new glass fireplace doors. Do you have a rustic decor, or is your home modern and tailored? Your fireplace doors will be with you in your home for some time, so be sure to take these factors into consideration before purchasing your new set.

Also keep in mind how the materials the doors are made with might impact the look and feel of the room where they are installed. For a more modern fireplace, a set of fireplace doors with simple lines, and a brushed metal surface might be the best look for your room. For a more traditional home, thicker, anodized doors with a burnished or iron finish might be more appropriate.

In the end, selecting the right set of fireplace doors will make all the difference in your home, so put some work into it. The right choice will have a big impact in your home.

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