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Ed’s Search For Doors To Fit His Majestic Fireplace Is Over

Ed had been looking all over town near the Pittsburgh suburb where he lives for doors to fit his Majestic pre-fab fireplace.  “No one had doors that would work for me”, he explained.  “Everyone seemed to carry masonry doors but not the type that fits zero-clearance or pre-fab metal fireplaces.”

Ed and his wife had been remodeling their thirty year old home, tearing down wallpaper, painting the walls,  and they wanted to replace their old, worn out Majestic fireplace doors.  “The fireplace doors we had for years were black and brass.  They looked outdated and had a huge gap in the glass where they didn’t close properly,”  Ed told us.  During the winter cold air and smoke from the chimney would seep into the living room through the gap in the doors.

“We searched the internet and found  The customer service was great and we got all our questions answered.  We ordered a door with our fireplace’s specific dimensions so it would fit perfectly.”

The doors arrived with the screws and brackets needed for the installation.  “We installed the doors they look really nice. It’s good to be able to close the doors after we have a fire at night and are ready for bed.  We have a wood burning fireplace which comes in handy since the power goes out sometimes during the winter months.”

Ed is anxious to tell other people about finding the right doors for his Majestic fireplace.  “I spent a lot of time searching and mostly I found masonry doors, not the zero-clearance doors I needed.  The doors from your website fit perfectly.  A huge problem has been solved for me and I would recommend your company to anyone who needs fireplace doors.”

Thanks, Ed!  We appreciate your kind words and your business.

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