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How Do You Paint a Brick Fireplace?

Brick-Anew painted fireplace brick

Sure, some old brick is beautiful but let’s face it…sometimes dark, outdated brick is just plain ugly.  When you have an unattractive brick fireplace, painting brick can give it a fresh, new look.  It doesn’t cost much compared to other options and you can paint it yourself. 

Preparing the fireplace brick for painting

Prepare your brick for painting by using a small broom to sweep over the brick to clean off any dust, dirt, or loose mortar.  Then vacuum the area to make sure it’s clean.  If the brick has soot, grime, or stains, you can clean the surface of the brick using a wire brush and a brick cleaning product or with soap and water.

Now that you’ve prepared the brick’s surface for painting, you need to decide the look you want.  Do you want a solid, painted look or do you want to keep the real brick look while changing the brick color?

Fireplace painting techniques

If you want a solid color look, select a latex paint product and paint over all brick and mortar just like you are painting a wall.  Be sure to get the paint into all the crevices in your brick. You might have to apply more than one coat to get the coverage you need, especially if your brick is rough and porous.  Remember, there are hundreds of shades to choose from – you don’t have to settle for white!

If you like the idea changing your brick color without having a solid painted look, there’s a fireplace paint product called Brick-Anew that makes it look like you re-bricked your fireplace with a different color brick.  This do-it-yourself kit comes with all the tools and paint shades you need to transform unsightly brick and get a beautiful new look.  To give you an idea of what makes Brick-Anew different than just applying a can of paint to your brick, imagine if you went to a brick yard to choose a new color brick to remodel your fireplace.  Every brick wouldn’t be one solid color and each brick would be unique.  Well, that’s the look you’ll get with this product.  There are three kit colors to choose from including a light taupe, gray, or tan. 

Whatever brick painting technique you choose, be sure you don’t overlook your firebox.  High temperature firebox paint can be purchased to cover stains left over from years of burning wood.  This paint is available in black and off-white. Use black if you burn real wood to hide any soot from your fire. 

fireplace before and after Brick-Anew

After you paint your brick and your firebox, consider painting or staining your mantel to give it a fresh, new look.   You might want to choose a stain to match your hardwood floors or dark wood trim.  

The cost of painting brick yourself is considerably less than hiring a contractor to do a remodel of your fireplace.  If you try painting your brick first and you don’t like it, you can always go to plan B.  You’ve spent some money on a few cans of paint and some of your time doing the project, but you don’t know if you’ll like it until you give it a try.  By the way, Brick-Anew will refund your money if you try their product and don’t like how your fireplace turns out.  If your brick is ugly, why not take a chance on brick paint to get a fresh, new look?  You might end up wishing you had painted your fireplace a long time ago.

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