Electric Fireplace Buying Guide

Before purchasing an electric fireplace, there are a couple important factors to consider. If you don’t get your questions answered here, feel free to call or email our staff.

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1. Consider the Manufacturer

The manufacturer is the first (and most important) factor to consider. Your manufacturer determines the quality of product that you receive.

That is why Brick Anew has partnered with Dimplex, the leader in electric fireplace innovation since 1995. Dimplex produces the highest quality electric fireplaces you can find with the most realistic flame effects.

Dimplex is constantly innovating to produce technology that surprises and amazes the team at Brick Anew. We offer the latest fireplace inserts and log sets to bring you electric fireplaces with gorgeous designs and lifelike flame effects.

Dimplex stands behind their work and offers a two-year limited warranty on most products. They craft lifelike log sets and produce perfect-fit accessories to give a finished look to each of their products.

If you’ve decided that Dimplex is the right manufacturer for you, also consider your Dimplex distributer.

Buying Dimplex products through third-party sources like Amazon can be risky. Dimplex may not authorize those sellers so you may not receive the customer service you deserve.

Brick Anew is an authorized Dimplex distributor so you are guaranteed your full warranty and assistance with troubleshooting, design advice, installation queries, or any other concerns you have.

2. The Different Types of Electric Fireplaces

You can buy electric fireplace inserts with a firebox and log set to go inside or just the log set if you have a preexisting fireplace.

Our fireboxes are beautifully designed with customizable features so they fit perfectly into any space.

You can choose between five size choices and between herringbone brick and weathered concrete as your firebox style. You also choose whether you want oak logs, birch logs, or fresh cut logs in your firebox.

The fireboxes come with accessories to give your firebox a specific feel. You can add fireplace doors for a classic wood-burning look or a solid glass front for a gas firebox look. The smaller sized fireboxes have trim pieces in stylish black finishes that you can add to make your project look fully finished.

Your firebox can be installed into a preexisting fireplace or you can build a simple frame around the firebox. Each firebox is just over 12 inches deep. This allows for both a true-firebox feel and a simple framing process.

Each of the fireboxes can be direct-wired. We recommend this for the maximum heat output. However, if you prefer, you can add a plug kit to your order to keep installation simple.

Before you decide a full firebox is right for you, consider where you will install it. Do you have a preexisting fireplace? Is it masonry or prefab?

These fireboxes are a particular size, so you will want to make sure your firebox is compatible. If it isn’t, you can always build a frame for your new electric firebox, but that still leaves you with your preexisting fireplace you were hoping to update. In this case, an electric log set may be better for you.

Our electric fireplace logs are simpler in design and simpler to install. You can choose between two sizes (20 and 25 inches) and three log set styles (oak, birch, and fresh cut).

The oak logs have a natural, traditional feel with charred details and a glowing center. The birch logs are white with grey details and are reminiscent of a mountain cabin. The fresh cut logs have splintered edges that make it look like you were just outside cutting wood for your fire.

The electric log sets have an ember mat accessory that provides a more true-to-life experience.

These logs should be placed in a preexisting fireplace. Before purchasing, be sure to consider how you will plug your log set in. Do you have an outlet in your firebox or nearby?

Electric fireplace logs are an easy and inexpensive alternative to a wood or gas fire. They are clean-burning, efficient and have impressive heating systems.

If you get frustrated by the hassle and inefficiency of a wood or gas fireplace, it may be time for an upgrade. Electric logs require no maintenance or venting so your chimney receives less wear and tear as well. The logs don’t produce real flames so there is no fire hazard either.