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Have you missed our HGTV House Hunters Home Renovation Fireplace project part 1 and part 2. Read them first and continue the journey with us!

“A Mantel Would Look Nice”

After the fireplace bricks and firebox were finished, we thought about what we could do to make the fireplace not look so plain.  The firebox opening was offset to the side and we thought about a mantel to hang over it.  Carmen and John chose a rustic mantel shelf called the Ridgewood from our website.  It was almost a perfect match to their new hardwood floors in distressed medium oak.  Carmen found a painting she had purchased at a garage sale to add some color to the fireplace and the new mantle.  We loved how the blue sky in the painting complemented the walls and windows in the room.

When Tim the contractor came to install the mantel, he couldn’t believe fireplace transformation.  He said he would have charged thousands of dollars to tear out the fireplace.  We had to convince him we had painted the fireplace brick with Brick-Anew…he was amazed it still looked like real brick…just a lighter color.  Lucky for Carmen and John they can spend the money they saved on new furniture for their room!!

“Fireplace Doors Finish Off the Firebox”

After examining the firebox, we determined the fireplace was masonry like practically all fireplaces in older homes.  Carmen and John chose a set of steel fireplace doors in oil-rubbed bronze from our website.  Tim, the contractor, installed the doors quickly and easily.  The clear glass, cabinet style doors gave a clean, finished look that was amazing with the new twilight taupe brick color.

“Time to Get Back to the ATL”

We spent our last day sightseeing and eating some fabulous food!  We took a beautiful drive through the canyon to Santa Monica.  Then it was off to Hollywood to dinner.   I love our new friends and California!  Hopefully, they can visit us in Atlanta soon.

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