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Clear Matte Finish

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Always protect your hard work! Brick-Anew’s Clear Matte Finish is a non-glossy polyurethane product designed to be applied after completing the Brick-Anew fireplace painting process. Your fireplace undergoes some serious wear-and-tear, and our clear matte finish adds an extra layer of protection against damage from fireplace tools, stacked logs, and other items placed on your hearth. Invisible to the eye, it prevents damage to your painted brick fireplace and makes it remarkably easy to clean. Comes in 1 quart size.

  • Covers approximately 20 – 30 square feet
  • Product no longer sold in can’s – only bottles

Note: Be sure to test the CMF on a small area before applying all over your surface. Let it dry for a few days, to be sure no yellowing occurs.” Very rarely, due to the makeup of some brick, yellowing may occur.

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