Yes! The Brick-Anew Paint Remodeling System can be painted right over previously painted fireplace brick.  If the brick was painted with a latex paint, you can go ahead a paint on Brick-Anew.  If your brick has been painted with an oil-based paint, lightly sand and apply a lacquer sealer before applying Brick-Anew.

Brick-Anew paint is a latex product for use on brick.  This type paint has stood the test of time and will not bubble, blister or peel when used on brick outside the firebox.  For inside the firebox, we recommend our high temperature paint.

No.  The clear matte finish is an optional step but it’s a good idea to go ahead and order it.  This clear polyurethane protects your painted surface from wear and tear or scratching.  If you use your hearth area to stack wood, set plants or fireplace tools, or sit, you’ll want to protect the painted surface.

You can paint just the hearth or the entire fireplace – it’s up to you.  The Clear Matte Finish is invisible and is not shiny so it won’t be noticeable either way.

We highly recommend our black high temperature firebox paint as a finishing touch to your fireplace makeover.  When you’re finished with your Brick-Anew Fireplace Remodeling Project and you stand back and look at your fireplace, your eye goes right to the firebox.  If it’s a stained, burned out mess, it takes away from your newly remodeled brick. Our high heat firebox paint is a specially formulated paint for wood stoves, grills and fireboxes and can withstand heat up to about 1200°F without blistering, chipping, or peeling.  Painting your firebox covers all unsightly stains from soot and gives your entire fireplace a fresh, clean look.

The Brick-Anew Brick Remodeling Kit has been around for over twenty years and has stood the test of time.  If you’re a professional DIY  home makeover enthusiast or an artist, you probably feel comfortable with a lot of trial and error, trying different color combinations until you get the look you want.  But if you want a turn-key system that has all the guesswork taken out with a proven track record, the Brick-Anew Kit is a great choice for you.  The Brick-Anew Paint Kit saves you time and energy.   As soon as Brick-Anew arrives at your doorstep, you’re ready to go!  The Brick-Anew system was designed by an artist in the Washington area who wanted to give homeowners an easy, stress-free way to get rid of their ugly, outdated brick fireplace and transform their tired outdated  brick into a fresh, new, “real brick” look without having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a contractor to tear out and resurface their fireplace with a different color brick or another material like stone…or an artist to create an authentic brick look. And even if you’re a pro, the Brick-Anew Remodeling System is perfect for you since it comes right to your door with free shipping and everything you need to do get started on your project with no extra trips to the hardware store.

We offer a no-hassle, money back guarantee.  We’ll do everything we can to help you achieve the look you want.  If you’re still not happy, we’ll refund your money.  Intercept Sales, Brick-Anew’s parent company, has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and we plan to keep it that way by making sure we have excellent customer service and quality products.  We treat our customers as friends and do as much “hand-holding” as needed whether you’re buying a Brick-Anew Paint Kit, a fireplace door, or any of our other fireplace products.

Yes, Brick-Anew can be used on the brick surface where woodstoves sit.  We recommend using our Clear Matte Finish for extra protection for your painted brick surface.

The Brick-Anew Remodeling System costs $199.50 for one kit which will cover an average fireplace up to about 60 square feet.  If you have porous brick or a larger fireplace, you will need to purchase extra base coat sealer. The cost comes out to be far less than other remodeling options.

If you want to purchase the Brick-Anew Paint Kit ($199) as well as the optional products including the Clear Matte Finish ($29.95), the Brick & Stone Cleaner ($19.95), and the Black Firebox Paint ($27.99), the total cost is about $276.89 for an average sized fireplace (60 square feet or less.)

You’ll only need one kit unless you have over 100 square feet of brick.  If you have 60-80 square feet of brick, order 1 kit plus 1 extra base coat.  If you have 80-100 square feet of brick, order 1 kit plus 2 extra base coats.  If you have 100-120 square feet of brick, order 2 kits.

First, you need to make sure you have the right kind of paint that won’t bubble, blister or peel.  Our Brick-Anew Remodeling System has stood the test of time.  For over 15 years our customers have trusted our quality products to hold up beautifully.  Second, you need to know that cleaning your brick is important before starting your project. Our brick and stone cleaner does a great job getting your brick ready to paint.

You could just paint on one coat of paint over your fireplace brick if you want a “painted brick” look.  If you prefer a “real brick” look, the Brick-Anew Kit makes your fireplace look like you ripped out your old, outdated brick and replaced it with a lighter, fresh-looking new brick.

Yuck! If you have a brick fireplace that’s been painted white, no worries!  Brick-Anew paint can go right over the previously painted brick.  If the white paint is latex or flat, no prep is needed before applying Brick-Anew.  If the white paint is shiny or oil-based,  lightly sand to rough up the bricks’ surface and apply a lacquer sealer before painting with Brick-Anew.

There’s no need to worry about being a pro. You can always go over something you don’t like with more paint.  The Brick-Anew process is more like following a recipe, step-by-step than being artistic.

No. Brick-Anew paint is a latex product with no harsh fumes. Our high temperature firebox paint, does have strong fumes until it dries so be sure to open doors and windows if you are painting your firebox.

If you are using the Brick-Anew paint kit, there’s no need to remove old paint from your fireplace.  If the paint is chipping, you’ll need to sand the bricks and apply a lacquer sealer before applying Brick-Anew.

No. We sell our Brick-Anew paint kit online only.

Twilight Taupe is our most popular color followed by Misty Harbor.  Most people decorate with tans and taupe (Twilight Taupe) or gray tones (Misty Harbor).

Need help deciding which color to choose? We would love to talk with you and help you choose the perfect color Brick-Anew paint for your home.  Call us for a FREE consultation.  800-897-7175.  Send us pictures of your room so we can see your fireplace, carpet, hardwoods, furniture, and wall color at  Be sure to let us know a phone number and good time to reach you.


Check out this interview on YouTube with our friend, Serena, from the Thrift Diving blog!  She used Brick-Anew to remodel her outdated brick fireplace 5 years ago. Here’s what she had to say…