Do you have a fireplace? Do you have doors on it?

Because if you don’t, even if you have never used your fireplace, you are increasing your energy bills by 14% every single month! So if you pay a $250 dollar electric and power bill, $35 dollars every month is being wasted. That’s a yearly expenditure of $420 bucks!

This is not a lame statistic. It’s from the Department of Energy and it shows how your fireplace is not efficient if you do not have doors that are blocking off the fireplace opening. All your heat and AC are going right up the chimney.

Don’t buy into the myth that if you’ve closed your fireplace flue, you’re spared

First, it has to have a proper seal to provide effectiveness- something you can’t really tell or see if you’ve not been up in your chimney and had it inspected lately. This is especially true with older homes.

The EZ Fireplace Door


The EZ Door is the most cost-effective, custom fireplace door available. It features: stylish 1 1/8″ anodized aluminum frame in matte black, tempered 3/16″ clear glass with safe finished edges, and tracked bifold doors.

Without Fireplace Doors, you are losing money and valuable air or heat

It’s worse than leaving your front door wide open or a window raised!

If you have a masonry fireplace, which means your firebox is constructed of brick, you can order glass doors specially made for masonry fireplaces.  If you have a pre-fab/zero clearance firebox made of metal, you can purchase an inside-fit fireplace door made specially for that type fireplace.

Check out masonry fireplace doors here, or, take a look at doors made for zero-clearance/pre-fab fireplaces.

Not sure what type fireplace you have? Call us to chat with our super friendly customer service experts at 800-897-7175, and see what size  and type fireplace doors will work for you!

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