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What are mesh curtains?

Mesh curtains are custom cut pieces of mesh that hang from the top of your firebox and extend down to the bottom of the fireplace opening. They come with a hanging rod and screen pulls so you can easily open and close your curtains without getting too close to a burning fire. After extended periods of time and use, mesh curtains can rust, get damaged, and sometimes prevent you from using the screen pulls to open and close the curtains. Replacement mesh curtains are a quick and easy way to either replace your old curtains, or get your first set of curtains to keep your fireplace environment safe. Our mesh curtains are 48 inches wide and we offer heights between 18 and 30 inches tall.

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What do mesh curtains do?

Mesh curtains are vital for the protection of the surrounding area around your fireplace and are crucial for the safety of those who enjoy your fireplace. Mesh curtains act as a mesh screen barrier between a burning fire and everything outside of the firebox. As a fire burns, burning embers and debris can be launched out of the firebox opening. Mesh curtains block the dangerous debris coming out of the firebox and keep the surrounding area clean and clear for all to enjoy.

I have fireplace doors. Do I need mesh curtains?

YES. While fireplace doors provide a great look for your fireplace, they are not to be closed while a fireplace is burning. If you close your doors while a fire is burning, you risk the firebox overheating and shattering your glass doors. For this reason, mesh curtains provide this protection while a fire is burning, with no risk of damage to the curtains. They are made to be used while a fire is burning. If you already have glass doors, mesh curtains will be quite easy to install and will create an attractive natural drape effect.

How do you install mesh curtains? Check out our video below!


You can Remove your old Mesh curtains and replace them with a nice new fireplace door. Remember, you still need some kind of protection when a fire is burning. Keep those doors open and use either a screen or replacement mesh curtains!

Fireplace Mesh Curtain Sizing Options

48×18 | 48×19 | 48×20 | 48×21 | 48×22 | 48×23 | 48×24 | 48×25 | 48×26 | 48×27 | 48×28 | 48×29 | 48×30 |