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Brick Anew Stone Fireplace Paint Kit

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Our all- inclusive stone fireplace paint kit gives old, dark or outdated stone a fresh, clean, modern look while keeping the look of real stone.

Ships in the USA
Works on exterior Stone
✓ Brick-Anew Stone Fireplace paint can be applied over previously painted stone as well as stone that has never been painted



Since 1997, a tried & proven fireplace painting method that stands the test of time.

Now available for stone fireplaces.

The Brick-Anew Stone Fireplace Paint Kit includes everything you’ll need for your stone fireplace makeover – all the tools for your project plus 5 shades of paint. After the amazing transformation, your fireplace won’t look like a typical painted stone fireplace that seems like you just slapped a coat of paint on to cover up ugly, outdated stone.  Instead, you’ll get the look of a natural stone fireplace and friends and neighbors will think you tore out your old stone and re-built a new, modern stone fireplace.

What's In Your Kit?

This all-in-one fireplace brick painting kit is a cost-effective method to make your outdated dark or previously painted brick look fresh and modern while keeping a “real brick — without losing its character.

Our one-of-a-kind system is pre-tested and pre-mixed for your convenience, with no harsh fumes or chemicals. The minute your kit arrives, you’re ready to get started!

Your kit includes everything you need to do a professional-level job transforming your brick, even if you’ve never touched a paintbrush before:

  • 2 containers of base coat sealer
  • 4 undertone colors
  • 1 paint brush
  • 3 rollers
  • 1 sponge
  • 1 roll of painters tape
  • Helpful step-by-step instructional video
paint can icon red

2 containers of base coat sealer & 4 undertone colors

paint brush icon red

1 paint tray, 1 paint brush, 3 rollers, 1 cleaning sponge, 1 roll of masking tape

video icon

Instructional video showing how to get the professional look of real brick

3 x Designer Color Schemes

Stone Fireplace painted with Brick Anew Frosted Sunshine

Frosted Sunshine

A combination of tan, gray, and yellowish-cream, Frosted Sunshine is a little lighter than our Twilight Taupe color and works well with lighter colors like pale yellow or light tan. It makes bold, complementary colors fill your room with color.

Stone Fireplace painted with Brick Anew Misty Harbor

Misty Harbor

A light and medium gray combination with cream highlights., Misty Harbor works with carpet or furniture that’s any shade of gray. It also matches contemporary designs and cool color tones.

Twilight Taupe Brick-Anew Fireplace Paint Color

Twilight Taupe

A combination of taupe, tan, beige and cream. Our most popular color works well with tan, taupe, beige or medium color tones. Twilight Taupe blends easily with a wide variety of home decor and resembles tumbled marble or natural sandstone.

How Much Paint Should I Order?

60-80 ft²


1 paint kit & 1 extra base coat sealer

80-100 ft²


1 paint kit & 2 extra base coat sealers

100-120 ft²


2 paint kits

How To

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Product Reviews

8 reviews for Brick Anew Stone Fireplace Paint Kit

  1. Kathryn

    Brick -Anew allowed us to transform our dark outdated stone fireplace into a contemporary showpiece. It’s truly an amazing product! We used it on two ugly fireplaces
    and we are delighted with those results as well. We’re so glad we found Brick-Anew. This kit has saved us thousands of dollars in renovation costs!

  2. Lee Ann Ditty (verified owner)

    This product is wonderful and easy to use. The kit includes all you need So there is no need to buy anything separately so the price is justifiable. I love how it turned out and so do others who have seen it.

  3. Mary Ann (verified owner)

    It doesn’t get better than this! In one day and for a reasonable cost, we were able to totally transform the look of our entire living room. The dark-colored stones in our fireplace made the room look small and closed in. Twilight Taupe was the answer. Not only was it easy, but my husband and I had so much fun doing it. I wish all DIY projects were like this!

  4. Charles Welborn (verified owner)

    The review would only let me give 4 stars but this is a 5 star product.
    We have a 53 yr old moss rock fireplace which means sandstone. It was beautiful but after living here 25 yrs we wanted a different look. It took me 5 hours with a wire brush attachment on the end of my drill to get rid of all the dead moss and loose rock. At Sam’s suggestion I put a coat of KILZ 3 premium primer on first to seal the rock so it wouldn’t suck up the paint, and to get an idea of how much paint would be needed (it turned out the paint that came in the kit was plenty). My wife texted Wendy at Brick Anew for advice and was told that on rock to skip using the roller and just go to dabbing. It took 2 days and the difference is amazing! We are very pleased with the kit, the support and the finished product. My wife got a small tv and put it in front of the opening so we have the snapping, popping and feel of a fire. We are very pleased.👍

  5. Charles Welborn (verified owner)

    We have a 50 yr old moss rock fireplace which means sandstone. It was beautiful but after 25 yrs we wanted something different. We thought we would try this before spending the money to enclose it, and are we glad we did! It took me 5 hours using a wire brush attachment on the end of a drill to remove all of the old dead lichens and loose grit. At Sam’s suggestion I coated it with KILZ 3 premium primer so the rock wouldn’t suck up the paint and to get an idea of how much paint to order (it turned out the basic kit comes with plenty). My wife texted Wendy for advice who said to not use the roller with rock, to just dab it. It took 3 days total and the results are simply amazing. While it did take some elbow grease on my part because of it being sandstone instead of brick the process is simple and straightforward and the end result well worth it. We are very pleased. 🙂

  6. Joe Menkin (verified owner)

    We had a dark gray stone fireplace that my wife wanted to change to a much lighter color. This would have cost a few thousand dollars to take off and replace with lighter colored stones but luckily I found Brick -Anew! What a great product! Once ordered the kit came very quickly and all the instructions were clear and easy to follow. Viewing the video was also a great help. The whole transformation only took one day and the results were amazing. We still look at the “new” fireplace and are amazed the stones look so real with all the subtle color variations of natural stone. The system is ingenious and I applaud whoever figured this out. Thank you Brick-Anew!

  7. Mirjeta Bytyqi (verified owner)

    I am very happy with how brick anew transformed our fireplace. I stumbled across a YouTube video about brick anew a few months back as I was researching to change the red brick surrounding our stove insert/fireplace. I had never heard of brick anew before but I’m so glad I came across it.
    I was going to spend upwards $4k to change a very small piece of brick surrounding our fireplace but then when I saw brick a new I wanted to give it a chance since it was so cheap compared to other options (I was considering marble or granite surround or even stone) . All these options would have been great and a lot cheaper had I not had the stove insert. The stove insert complicated things for us because we had to remove the insert in order to Change the surrounding brick, and we were quoted $3k just to remove and put back the stove insert (I know… ridiculous right).
    The idea of painting over the brick was the easiest and best solution for us, because that meant we didn’t have to touch the stove insert. Although just painting it I had thought about in the past but didn’t like the idea of it as it would have made the look very plain and not natural …. Brick anew makes it look like real stone.
    The package came within a week of ordering it and it was very well packaged. It includes all materials you will need and the instructional video. The process itself is very easy – I was done with our fireplace within a matter of hours (our area of brick was very small though) and am so happy with the results. It was like a work of art. I went with Misty harbor to complement my surrounding walls and furniture.

  8. Dave Hurd (verified owner)

    We used a professional painter for the 3 fireplaces, all of them were red brick. The kit is so easy to do, you do not need a professional to do it. We watched our guy, he used the directions and followed it each step of the way. They all 3 came out beautiful. This company Brick a New also went above a beyond the normal. Our cleaning crew threw away our kits, one had not been open, and this company federal expressed next day our 2 kits we purchased a 2nd time. The team is very helpful, kind, and came through for us.
    You will not be disappointed and you will be glad you tried this especially from a company that goes the extra mile so you do not fail.

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