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EZ Door
$ 469
Fits openings up to 44''x22''
Aluminum Frame
Clear Glass
Bifold Doors
Matte Black Finish
Glass - 2 year warranty
Frame - 2 year warranty
EZ Door Steel
$ 659
Fits openings up to 44''x28''
Steel Frame
Tinted Glass Option
Tracked or Trackless Bifold Doors
Matte Black Finish
Lifetime Glass Warranty
Frame - 5 year warranty
EZ Door Plus
$ 749
Fits any opening
Aluminum Frame
Tinted Glass Option
Full-Swing Doors
16 Premium Finish Options
Glass - Lifetime warranty
Frame - 5 year warranty

About Preway Fireplace Doors

With beginnings in the 1950s, Preway has since gone out of business. However, many homes still include original Preway installations. Known for manufacturing a variety of appliances, their largest success came in the form of their heating technologies and fireplaces. In order to maintain the integrity of these classic, dependable home fireplaces, many homeowners have chosen to simply update and renovate these pieces. Brick-Anew offers perfectly fitting replacement doors for these timeless fireplaces- always with quick shipping and a satisfaction guarantee.

Prefab Fireplace Door

Preway Size Guide

If your model is listed in our chart, send an email to sales@brick-anew.com with your model number and we will be able to easily get you a perfect fitting door!
Manf Brand Manufacturer Brand Model Fits opening First Door Available Quick Ship Select Doors
PREWAY BE41, FF41 36 x 21 1/2 EZ Door for Preway EZ Door for Preway
PREWAY BE48, FF48 42 x 23 No longer supported No Longer Supported
PREWAY B136B (no longer supported) NA B136B (no longer supported) B136B (no longer supported)

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3 Simple Steps To Get The Perfect Prefab Door:

How To Find Fireplace Model Number and Manufacturer

1. Determine your manufacturer & model number.

Prefab fireplaces will typically have a metal plate on the front or just inside the firebox. This plate tells you which brand you fireplace is, as well as the specific model number. Many fireplaces also have the manufacturer logo on the front plate of the firebox.

How To Measure A Fireplace Opening for Fireplace Doors

2. Measure the fireplace opening.

Once you’ve identified the manufacturer and model number, take some pictures of the height, width, and recess depth of your fireplace. See below for more info on how to take proper measurement photos.

Order Fireplace Glass Doors

3. Confirm size and place order.

Once you’ve taken your measurement photos, send them to sales@brick-anew.com. One of our fireplace specialists will reach out to personally confirm your order and ensure that your prefab fireplace door will fit perfectly upon arrival.

How To Take Measurement Photos

(If you know your fireplace model number, just send us pictures #1-3)

Firebox Opening

Get down level with the fireplace, take picture head on.

*We want to see at least 2 inches of what is surrounding your opening.

How To Measure for Fireplace Doors


Firebox Width

With tape measure in full view from beginning to end, take width measurement. Inside opening. Metal lip to metal lip.

How To Measure for Fireplace Doors


Firebox Height

With tape measure in full view from beginning to end, take height measurement. Inside opening. Metal lip to metal lip.

*If you know your fireplace model number, don't worry about sending us pictures #4-6!

How To Measure for Fireplace Doors


Recess Depth (Top)

Look up into your top track area (where your doors would roll back & forth) and show us how wide that track is with your tape measure.

How To Measure for Fireplace Doors


Recess Depth (Bottom)

If you have a bottom track, measure the track. If you don’t have a track, measure the small flat area right up front.

How To Measure for Fireplace Doors


Recess Depth (Sides)

Put your tape measure lip on the outside of the fireplace. Going inward with your tape measure, stop at the first obstruction.

How To Measure for Fireplace Doors

Ready to order?

If you're still unsure of your measurements, email your photos to sales@brick-anew.com and our fireplace specialists will help you find the perfect door!