A fireplace is a beauty in itself, but mantel accessories can make it look even better. Whether your home already had a fireplace when you first moved in or you installed it yourself, adding mantel accessories helps you add your own personal touch. 

However, figuring out which mantel accessory best fits your design style can be difficult. You want to ensure that whatever you add to your mantel won’t clash with the rest of the room. For example, you should ensure that the accessories fit with the tone room and the paint of the fireplace. Luckily, there are a ton of accessories that go with any design style. 

Here are eight you can add to your own fireplace mantel:




Art can liven up any room and also show your visitors the type of taste you have. You can place so many different variations of art on your mantel, and it is easy to find one that matches the style of the rest of the room. 

The artwork also doesn’t have to be a painting. It can be a framed print, a unique picture frame, or a piece of clay work as well. Whether you have an artistic side yourself and want to put your work on display, or you have a favorite artist that reflects your own personal style, there are so many options for the type of artwork you can place on your mantel to use as a mantel accessory. 





Books are another type of mantel accessory, which are a fantastic addition to any home. They enrich our minds and offer stories that stay with us together. However, once you’ve finished a book and aren’t planning to read it again for a while, you may not know what to do with it. By placing it on your fireplace mantel, you are giving your book another purpose, and it can also add something special to your room.

People buy bookcases to show off their reading collection, but you can also do the same for your favorite book series on your mantel. How you pile them is up to your personal preference, and you can even make it look neater by adding some bookends to keep them in place. 


Fireplace book decor


Decorative plates


Plates aren’t just for eating off of, and some of them can look too beautiful to put away in a cupboard. If you have some plates with a unique design that you love to look at, you can turn them into decorative plates and have them on display over your fireplace.

Decorative plates are collectibles for some people, so placing them on your mantel won’t be odd at all. You can even purchase some stands that are made specifically for plates and have them stand up for anyone in the room to see. Another option can include mounting them on the wall directly above your mantel for something a bit different. 




Candles have many purposes. You can use them to add light to a dimly lit room or if there is ever a power outage. Candles can also offer a beautiful odor to your room if they are scented. Another purpose they have is also making your room look good. 

However, you need to find somewhere prominent to place candles on display to ensure everyone who walks into the room can see them. And your fireplace mantel is one of the greatest places you can put a candle, so they are seen. Candlesticks especially stand out because they are larger and taller and make a good addition to any room. 


Fireplace Candlesticks




Statues aren’t just large figures that have been dedicated to someone and are displayed in the town square. In fact, they can come in all shapes and sizes. This is why they are a great fireplace mantel accessory because you can choose one that is perfectly styled to match the rest of the room’s decor. 

A statue can be something personal that reflects you or your family, or it can be something completely different. Some people choose statues of their favorite literary characters, such as Mickey Mouse, or even something a bit more abstract. The choice is entirely up to you. 


Fireplace Statues




A vase is an extremely useful item. Whenever you are given a bouquet of flowers as a gift, you need a vase to display them in. However, they can also be beautiful alone. A vase doesn’t have to be made out of plain glass, and it can actually come in lots of different colors and patterns that reflect your style. 

You can place your vase in the center of your mantel and let it stay plain without any flowers, or you can top it up with a bouquet every week or so. Either way, you can choose which color and design fits in with the rest of the room and change it at any time too. 





We all need to know the time at some point, so having a clock in your room isn’t a bad idea. Your fireplace is often the central part of the room, so placing a clock on top of the mantel allows you and your guests to check the time easily at any time. To top things off, clocks are beautiful items if they are designed well too. 

You can choose a small grandfather clock to sit on your mantel, or you can hang one on the wall above it. They can come in many different frames and designs as well, so choose one that matches your room’s aesthetic, and it will fit in perfectly.


fireplace decor clock

Eclectic collection


If you enjoy collecting novelty items as one of your hobbies, there is no doubt you want to show them off to people who visit your home. A collection can become your pride, especially if it is complete. Placing it on your mantel, no matter what it is, can ensure people will see it, and you can spark up a discussion. 

From vintage coins to unique stamps, you can easily frame these items and place them above the mantel as a mantel accessory. They often come in neutral tones that match any aesthetic, and even if they don’t, you still have a reason to display them without people questioning why they don’t match. 


Fireplace Electic Collection

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