Winter is practically over and your fireplace needs a lift for Spring.  How about changing out your mantel decor and using a mirror as the focal point?

Mirrors over the mantel add depth and reflect light as well as other attractive features in the room.  Unlike a painting or print, they are neutral.  But with a decorative frame, they become a piece of art.  With a mirror, it’s all about reflection and visual appeal.

When choosing a mirror, think about the length of your mantel, the size of your room, and the height of your ceiling.  For rooms with high ceilings, a tall mirror can be placed over the mantel to create a spacious effect.  Be sure to angle the mirror down a little so it doesn’t reflect dead space like  the ceiling.  Your mirror should reflect something attractive your room or in nature from an outside window.  Setting accessories in front of your mirror such as candles are a great way to reflect something beautiful as well as reflecting light.

If you have a smaller room, mirrors with a beveled edge or a mirror with a simple frame works best.  You can even place two or three small mirrors that have square or rectangular shapes in a row across your mantel.  Add a couple of accessories you enjoy like a vase of fresh flowers or a piece of pottery.  Using the principles of symmetry makes a super simple formula for decorating.  Place the mirror in the center of the mantel and add a pair of candlesticks, vases, or urns and Voila!  Instant mantel decor.

Framed mirrors come in all styles from traditional gold antique to plain, simple black.  Their shapes can be round, square, or rectangular.  When trying to decide which mirror to choose, stand back and look at your fireplace.  Your mirror will be placed in the center of your mantel so try to visualize what size  and shape would work best in your room.  Check around your house or attic to see if you have a mirror that can be painted to get a new look. Once you get your mirror in place, then you can experiment with accessories until you get the look you want.  Just have fun and be creative to create a spring mantel that reflects your personality!

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