There are so many options when it comes to choosing a fireplace mantel. Since everyone’s taste and aesthetic is unique, it’s impossible to package up a list of mantel “types” and prescribe them to everyone. But there are some tips that can be helpful when shopping for a fireplace mantel. Here are items to add to your checklist when getting ready to purchase or refurbish a fireplace mantel for your home.

Fireplace mantel clearances

As with all fireplace related projects, safety must be the first consideration when selecting a fireplace mantel. Organizations devoted to fireplace safety like the National Fire Protection Association recommend that all combustible material be at least 1 inch away from the firebox opening for every 1/8 inch it extends outward from the surface, with a minimum 6-inch clearance all the way around the fireplace. In cases where your local fire code places even stricter guidelines, it’s recommended to follow your local regulations, as these codes in effect take the place of national guidelines.

Measurement tips for a fireplace mantel

Before you purchase a fireplace surround for your home, its vital that you take measurements for the dimensions of your fireplace and firebox.

The measurements you will need to take will vary depending upon your unique circumstances. These measurements may vary based on whether you have a hearth around your fireplace, or if you have fireplace facing. If you have firebox that is not a standard size, purchasing a stock fireplace mantel may not be a good option for you. If you have a non-standard firebox, you may need to custom order a fireplace surround to ensure your fireplace surround is a proper fit.

Fireplace mantels are not only beautiful they also present a great opportunity to make your room’s décor unique. You can change the look and feel of an entire room, season by season, just by choosing different colors, textures and objects to display on your fireplace mantel.

We feature beautiful fireplace mantel décor ideas on the Brick-Anew blog all the time, and what we have found is that the look of any room with a fireplace mantel can be quickly transformed and tailored to reflect the mood and appearance of your home with just a little time, thought and effort.

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