Now typically because I love fireplaces, and I am always looking at fireplace accessories, makeovers and products, I feature a lot of fireplace-related content on the Brick-Anew blog. Today’s just a little different. Because I do love blogs, it seems as though I am always stumbling onto a great new blog, a really creative post or idea that I just have to share. That’s what I though when I saw this post on “Between Naps on the Porch.” The post features an outdoor table setting, using a fresh snow fall as the tablecloth. It is adorable, very clever, and is certainly a testament to the adage “making the most of what you’ve got.”

A Winter Table Setting, Tablecloth by Mother Nature. Image source:

“A Winter Table Setting, Tablecloth by Mother Nature.”
Image source:

I love the photos of the birds and the bird feeder, against the fresh snow on the porch and table, and a lovely tablescape delicately perched on top of the freshly fallen “snow” tablecloth. Talk about charming. When the snow finally falls in the Eastern United States this winter, I will definitely think about this clever post and idea, and maybe try to pull something off that’s almost as clever.  We shall see!

In the meantime, I have a case of cabin fever and apparently it’s gone to my brain.  I believe in working with whatcha got and Mother Nature blessed me with a sparkly, white tablecloth on the table under the


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