With the amount of time many families spend in their family room, whether it is sitting in front of a fire relaxing, interacting, sharing a meal, or just having fun, its no surprise that the family room has become the focal point of many homes.If you are fortunate enough to have a family room with a fireplace, making it cozy for everyone is a little less of a challenge, but looking great is still the ultimate goal.


Image source: SouthernLiving.com

“Nestled in the center of bright white walls, the dark fireplace surround draws the eye. A thin coffee table ensures the view to the fireplace is unobstructed.”-SouthernLiving.com

To get to that place where the family room is pretty AND cozy for everyone can be quite a task. But if you are looking for ideas on how to transform your family room and fireplace, this post from SouthernLiving.com has some inspirational ideas and images.

The next few months may be the perfect time for you and your family to plan your family room makeover, so it’s ready in plenty of time for fireplace season next fall!

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