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In the market for doors for your gas fireplace?  You've come to the right place!  Brick-Anew has the largest selection of fireplace doors on the market.  Before you buy, there are a few things to take into consideration.  Keep reading for all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Masonry vs. Prefabricated

There are two basic types of fireplaces: masonry and prefabricated.  Masonry fireplaces are built into the house as the house is being built.  They are made of stone or brick.  Prefabricated fireplaces are prefabricated in a factory then sent to and installed in a house.  These fireplaces have a metal firebox, which is sometimes covered by refractory panels made to look like brick.  A quick rap on the firebox will tell you if it's made of stone (and is a masonry fireplace) or made of metal (and is a prefabricated fireplace).  Take a look at this video for more information.

Both masonry and prefab fireplaces can contain a gas line either for starting wood fires or for gas logs.  So what's the difference?  Masonry and prefab fireplaces don't accept the same kinds of doors.

Masonry fireplaces accept outside-fit doors, which sit completely outside the firebox and overlap onto the surround.  Prefab fireplaces accept inside-fit doors, which sit just inside the firebox and are flush with the surround.

Masonry doors can fit on a range of firebox sizes and come in three stock sizes: small, medium, and large.  Prefab doors have to be custom built for the perfect fit and to meet national safety and ventilation standards.  You can also consider getting a custom-built masonry door since stock sizes don't fit well onto every fireplace.

Gas Fireplace Insert Doors

You might also have a gas fireplace insert inside your masonry or prefabricated fireplace.  In the picture to the right, you can see that a metal firebox has been installed inside a masonry fireplace.  These are fireplace inserts.  Installing doors on inserts can be different than installing them on masonry or prefab fireplaces.  Give our customer service line a call, and we'll help you pick the right door for your insert.

Vent Free Gas Fireplace Doors

When it comes to doors, it doesn't matter whether your gas fireplace has traditional venting through a chimney, is vent free, or uses direct venting.  All the same rules for doors apply.  You can install inside-fit doors if the fireplace is prefab or outside-fit doors if the fireplace is masonry.  Most importantly, always keep the doors open while you're burning no matter what kind of venting you have.

fireplace insert with mantel

Gas Log Fireplace Doors

Have gas logs inside your fireplace?  You still have to ask the same questions when purchasing your doors.  Are your logs inside a masonry or prefab fireplace?  You'll need to purchase the appropriate doors based on the answer.  And whether your logs are vent-free or vented, always burn with the doors open.

tinted glass options for custom doors

Gas Fireplace Glass Doors

Brick-Anew's selection of fireplace doors are made of tempered glass for your safety.  Tempered glass absorbs the heat from your gas fireplace so the glass is less likely to explode.  Should the glass break, it shatters into small, relatively harmless pieces.  Our doors come with the option of tinted or clear glass.  If you use your gas line to start a wood burning fire in your fireplace, we recommend tinted glass.  The glass helps to hid the ash from previous fires during the day.  If you use gas logs, we recommend clear glass so that the beautiful logs can be seen all day.


Should I close the doors on my gas fireplace?

You should not close the doors while the fire is burning.  This creates a heat trap that weakens your glass doors, putting them at higher risk for shattering.  However, once the flames are out, you can close the doors immediately.  You don't have to wait for the firebox to cool or for the last embers to go out to close the doors.  As soon as the flames are gone, you can close them with no risk of damaging your glass.

How do I clean glass gas fireplace doors?

For regular maintenance, any mild glass cleaner and a soft cloth or paper towel will work well.  If your doors are stained with smoke or soot, you may need a specific fireplace glass cleaner.  Brick-Anew also offers full-swing fireplace doors like the Georgian.  These doors can be pulled off the track completely for easy cleaning.

The Georgia Masonry Fireplace Door

I hope this article helps you narrow down your fireplace door possibilities.  Want more information?  Check out some of these articles.