Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Those Who Love to DIY

Looking for the perfect last-minute gift for someone who has “Do It Yourself” in their blood–a true DIY aficianado?The right gifts for DIY are kind of tough to find!  If you approach it from your own perspective (maybe you don’t do a lot of hands-on work around the house or on your property), you might choose something that looks like it would be useful, or fun to use (that’s what gets me EVERY time).  But will the TRUE do-it-yourselfer in your life look at the gift the same way you do?  Maybe, maybe not.

Before we share the link to this fantastic list, we’d be remiss if we didn’t share our idea for the ULTIMATE DIY gift–the Brick-Anew Fireplace Paint Kit.  If you’ve got a dated, worn looking fireplace in your home, the Brick-Anew Fireplace Paint Kit is a great gift for your DIY and home decor lover. In fact, you can still save 10% on the price of our Fireplace Paint Kit. Just use code BRICK10 at checkout, and give your home decor and DIY lover a great gift to help them start the New Year with a fresh, new fireplace.

The Worx Landroid WG794 robotic lawn mower does the job. Image source:

The Worx Landroid WG794 robotic lawn mower does the job.
Image source:

So before you head out for that last-minute shopping trip, check out this post I found on the Consumer Reports website.  I think you’ll find it to be a bit unexpected, but pretty useful, too.  These may not be what you would consider traditional “gifts,” but for someone who is looking for the right tool that’s high quality, and exactly what they will need to do the job. I think you’ll also appreciate the level of detail Consumer Reports adds to their product reviews and gift lists.  So Happy Holidays to all the DIY folks out there! You are one of a kind.

“Tackling a tough chore and getting great results is a reward in itself. Here, terrific tools that work hard can be a great present.”

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