It’s that time of year again, the family comes to town, entertaining for work, neighbors and friends and your stuck with that eyesore of an ugly brick fireplace.

I know….. YIKES!!! It does look slightly outdated and in need of a little sprucing up. What if I told you that there is a wonderful brick paint product that could lighten and brighten your home and you could do it yourself?  Amazing right? How about giving it as a gift for your wife, girlfriend, daughter or spouse? An amazing transformation with an easy to follow guide and a step by step process that will have your ugly, outdated brick fireplace looking elegant and brand new before that first Christmas card is sent.

When you make a decision to change to color of your brick fireplace there are a few important factors to consider:

  • What brick fireplace paint color is best suited for the room?
  • Is this truly something I can do myself?
  • Are there any harmful chemicals that could pose health or fire safety concerns?

When choosing a color that is best suited for your fireplace most people want earthy tones, or warmth, or even a granite that will match almost every decor. The choices of brick paint colors are suited to meet those standards and rise above anything that you may have that impossible to achieve and keep’s the look of real brick. Unlike painted over brick, there is no chipping or peeling off, the brick paint transforms your fireplace by the process you use and how it will absorb into your brick. Even if you have a previously painted over fireplace, this product can be used to bring back the natural look of brick.


Can’t you just see it now, your friends and or family come into your house and it looks as if you have paid to have someone remove your old brick fireplace and install a beautiful new on in it’s place?  While The bricks’ texture remains the same, it’s just the color of the brick that’s changed. You don’t have to be artistic. It’s like following a recipe. Just do the steps in order and you should get beautiful results.

Unwrapping a beautiful new brick painted fireplace that you have done yourself not only will be rewarding but it’s a gift that will hold fond memories by the gift giver and the receiver. Why not make a special memory this holiday season and update your brick fireplace.

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