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Black Fireplace Doors

Black fireplace doors offer a sleek and fresh look to your room. They go with almost any form of decor you already have, and they can come in a range of different styles, from traditional to contemporary. If you’re considering adding a door to your fireplace, then you can't go wrong with the perfect shade of black.

Black Prefab Fireplace Doors

Replacement Glass Doors

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The EZ Fireplace Door


EZ Door Plus

From: $749.00

Brick Anew has a wide range of fireplace doors in every color and style, but our black fireplace door range is exceptional. Whether you want a fireplace door to retain heat in your home or simply to update the rest of your room, we have something for everyone.

Fireplace doors are a crucial part of every fireplace and can protect both you and your furniture. We want to ensure you have the very best quality while still being able to admire the beauty of the door each day.

What are the dimensions of your fireplace?

Before you consider the black fireplace door you want, you’ll need to figure out what the dimensions of your fireplace are. This will ensure you have a perfectly fitted door from the moment it arrives.

Measuring your fireplace dimensions is easy. All you have to do is take two measurements, the height and the width. Use a measuring tape and find out the dimensions from top to bottom and side to side. Once you have these, you’ll be able to pick out the best fireplace door that complements your room.

How to choose your brick fireplace door

There are three things you should consider when choosing a black fireplace door:


While all of Brick Anew’s black fireplaces are highly affordable, you want to select one that fits your budget. Search for products using the pricing filter, or let one of our experts know how much you want to spend.


Black fireplace doors come in a wide range of traditional and contemporary styles. Select the style that would best match the aesthetic of your room.


Once you have the dimensions of your fireplace ready, you will need to choose a black fireplace door that fits the measurements. Brick Anew also offer a variety of custom options to help you out.

Why choose Brick Anew?

At Brick Anew, we pride ourselves on only offering our customers high-quality and affordable black fireplace doors. Due to this, we have a solid guarantee in place because we are confident we can find the right solution for you. Talk to one of our experts today to get started.

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