Inspiring summer fireplace decorating – check out these ideas for stack books in the firebox and easily achieve this creative display!

I have a house full of books with hardly nowhere to store them.  Sure, I have a few bookshelves around the house but they’re filled with books I’ve collected through the years including children’s books I can’t bear to part with, my kids’ books from their reading lists at school, and my husband’s books that he regularly purchases on Amazon.

I was looking thru some summer fireplace decorating tips when I found a really great idea…stack books in your fireplace during the summer months when your fireplace isn’t in use.  You’ll have a unique, creative display as well as a great place to store your books in an otherwise empty, unused space.

Take a look at these pictures. Absolutely beautiful!

You want to make sure your firebox  is clean and free of soot, dust, and dirt.  Here’s a brick and mortar cleaner that you can use.  Also, if your firebox is stained, just paint it with this grill and stove high temperature firebox black paint and it will look like new.

Once your firebox is clean and painted, stack your books vertically and horizontally any way they will fit.  I suggest using only hardback cover books.  If you like all one color covers, you might want to cover each book with butcher or Kraft paper in tan and write the title on the spine with a black sharpie.  This will give all the books a uniform look.

Let us know if you try this idea and how it turns out!

Great ideas and more can also be found here by Kristie Barnett:

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