When describing fireplace, home decor and design trends in 2016, the most often used terms offered by the experts are details, customization, and personalized living spaces.

2016 Fireplace Trends

Efficient Fireplaces

When it comes to updating your fireplace in 2016, energy efficiency will continue to be one of the top trends homeowners will be following into the new year. Interested in making your fireplace more efficient? Try adding a chimney cap or heat circulators. Chimney caps cover the entire chimney opening, and help keep the animals and rain out of your chimney.

Heat circulators are made to capture more of the heating energy that can escape up and out through your chimney. Heat circulators are built to pull the cool air out of your room and home, and send the fireplace-heated air back into your home.

Bigger Fireplaces

Fireplaces will continue to get bigger. While the standard width of a fireplace is 3 feet, there are more and more fireplaces being built that span between 60” and 72”, and some manufacturers report making dampers for 10-foot-wide fireplaces.

outdoor fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces and rooms will be a big trend in 2016.
Image source: Morse Remodeling

Outdoor Fireplaces

The popularity of creating an outdoor living space is helping to fuel the desire to build fireplaces for those outdoor spaces. The biggest trend here is homeowners using their patios as an extra outdoor room, and along with that trend comes the addition of outdoor fireplaces to the patio space.

2016 Home Decor & Design Trends

Tile and Accent Walls

Tile will be a top design trend for 2016. The more detailed and richer the tile, the better. An even more noticeable difference is where the tile will be featured. Forget about the backsplash, this coming year, people will be using entire walls to feature their favorite tiles. This trend promises to pack a visual “punch,” so keep your eyes open, you’re sure to see it being put to work on plenty of walls.

accent tiles

Unique and beautiful tile treatments will be a 2016 home decor trend.
Image source: Zillow Digs

Kitchen Remodeling

Though not a specific trend, per se, kitchen remodeling will be bigger than ever.  Because kitchens are such a major hub of the home now, expect more money, time and resources to be spent on crafting them into unique gathering places inside of the home. A prominent feature of these remodels will be the aptly named “workhorse islands,” big, expansive islands with countertops, deep drawers, lots of storage, sinks and more.

Artisan Details

If you love handmade with style, then you are in for a treat in 2016. The more detailed, unique and customized a decor looks–the more handmade and distinctive it is–the more fashionable it will be. Unique details and personalization will be the rage in 2016, so if you want to carve out a space that says “you” now is the time to do it!

No matter what your home decor plans are for 2016, this year will be an exciting one, with all of us looking for ways to make our houses our homes, and share our unique personalities through the design and decor of our living spaces. Enjoy!



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