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If you own a Lennox fireplace, you can find the right doors you need to update your fireplace in your home. Whether the fireplace is located in your living space or bedroom quarters, we offer the best doors available to be fitted to the Lennox BRF-3875 model. With the ability to specify the exact sizing for the fireplace, you can ensure that it’s right for your fireplace. Some of the benefits of our fireplace doors include high strength and durability. You can rest assured our fireplace doors are built to last and will ensure your fireplace remains a safe and beautiful feature in your home. The different types available for your fireplace include the Slim Z Lennox Fireplace Doors, the EZ Door Steel for Lennox Fireplaces and the Merino for Lennox Fireplaces. All of these options can be customised to your requirements and can be returned if they aren’t in your favour. With additional offerings such as a curtain rod with handing mesh and in your chosen colour, you can make sure the fireplace looks beautiful.