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Bronze is a wonderful way to add elegance to your home decor.  While modern manufacturers don't offer fireplace doors made from actual bronze, Brick-Anew offers multiple durable and beautiful bronze finishes.

Powder Coating and Anodization

Fireplace doors are made either of aluminum or steel.  Durable, heat resistant finishes can be applied to either metal.  Aluminum doors are anodized to add a finish; steel doors are powder coated.  Both powder coating and anodization produce beautiful finishes that will last as long as your fireplace doors.

Bronze Finishes

Brick-Anew offers two bronze finishes.  The first two images above are examples of our oil-rubbed bronze finish.  The third image is our bronzed iron finish.  Both of these are powder coat finishes that will finish your fireplace with elegance.

Shopping For Bronze Doors

Knowing that you want a bronze finish on your doors is only the first step to buying the perfect fireplace doors for your fireplace.  You also need to consider whether your fireplace is masonry or prefab (they accept different types of doors), what style of frame you want, and the type of doors you need (cabinet, trackless bifold, tracked bifold).  I'd recommend looking at our fireplace door resource page to get started.  Feel free to send our customer service team an email if you have any questions!