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Peterson Real Fyre Split Oak Designer Plus Set

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Peterson Real Fyre Live Oak Set

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American Gas Logs Blazing Branches Set


American Gas Logs Burning Fires Set


American Gas Logs Roaring Campfire Set


American Gas Logs Royal Oak Set


American Gas Logs Country Log Pile Set


American Gas Logs Crackling Fire Set


American Gas Logs Dancing Flames Set


American Gas Logs Golden Oak Set


Flint Hill Set


Empire Burning Embers Set


Vented propane gas logs stand apart from their vent-free cousins with their ultra-realistic flames.  These log sets look just like wood burning fires. Knowing this, it may not surprise you that vented gas log sets should be installed into a wood burning fireplace (whether masonry or prefab).

Because you must keep the damper open while you burn, vented gas logs release a lot of heat up the chimney.  They are mostly decorative, but provide a supplemental heat to those nearby.

Ventless gas logs, in contrast, provide far more heat than their vented cousins, but they don’t look as realistic.  Which is better?  It’s really up to you.

Propane is a great choice if you already have a propane tank at your home.  If you currently use natural gas, take a look at our natural gas log sets.

Our Selection

The expert team at Brick-Anew has researched the best gas logs.  We’ve picked the best brands, the best products, and the best price points to show to you above.  Our goal is to find  the best gas logs for you!  We’ve done research into each product we’ve listed so that you can buy with confidence.

While many of our logs come with manual lighting systems, you can upgrade to electronic ignitions if you desire.  The gas logs are designed with efficient burner systems and glowing ember beds.  The logs are hand painted for that real wood fire feel.

Need more info?  Check out our Gas Log FAQ page or reach out to our customer service team by email or phone.