If you have a Heatilator fireplace, replacement glass doors are an inexpensive way to add beauty, safety, and energy efficiency to your home. These fully assembled, easy to install doors are affordable and usually ship quickly since they don’t have to be custom made.

Heatilator replacement fireplace glass doors cover the opening of your firebox and come with decorative accents in brass, black, and stainless.  These affordably priced, anodized aluminum glass doors add a finished look to your Heatilator fireplace.  After a fire, the firebox is filled with ashes and soot…not a pretty sight.  Glass doors help hide the mess until you have time to clean it up or until the next fire.

EZ Fireplace Door

The EZ Fireplace Door

Made of tempered glass, replacement glass doors add an element of safety to your home. Keeping the glass doors closed when the fire isn’t burning keeps your pets and young children from getting into the firebox.  And when the fire is dying down and you’re ready for bed, closing the doors keeps any sparks from popping out of the fireplace onto your carpet or rug.

Replacement glass doors helps your Heatilator fireplace keep the heat in your home, and prevents it from going up the chimney.  Keeping the doors closed when a fire isn’t burning keeps cold air from coming down your chimney and into your home.  This energy saving quality alone can justify the purchase of the doors since you’ll be saving on heating costs.

Since Heatilator replacement fireplace doors have to fit and line up exactly right in your firebox in order to close properly, here are some considerations before ordering replacement doors for your Heatilator fireplace:

-Your Heatilator fireplace must have an existing track and clips for the replacement doors to attach to.  This track runs along the top front of the firebox and the clips will be in the upper right and left corners.

-The model number of your Heatilator fireplace is sometimes located in the upper corner of your firebox on a metal plate or in the owner’s manual that came with your fireplace..  The replacement glass doors will only fit these Heatilator model numbers:

E36    EC36    BC36R    BC36C    E42    EC42

Replacement doors will NOT work for your Heatilator fireplace if:

-Your Heatilator fireplace model number is different than the ones listed above  OR
-You don’t know your Heatilator fireplace model number  OR
-You don’t have an existing track on your firebox.

If your Heatilator fireplace does not meet the requirements for replacement glass doors, don’t worry!  There are still doors available that will work fine for you.  You’ll need doors that come in a frame so they be easily attached to the firebox .

Take a look at the EZ  Economy Fireplace Door for Heatilator fireplaces.

Whether you purchase replacement glass doors for your Heatilator fireplace or EZ glass doors in a frame, you’ll enjoy the beauty and safety they add to your home for years!

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