The perfect stone fireplace will make you feel welcome in the room, and it is a beautiful sight to look at. But how do you choose a stone fireplace that provides this feeling to a room?

With so many options out there, it can be difficult to make a decision. However, we’re making it easier for you by offering 20 unique and welcoming stone fireplace ideas. 


Mix things up with a wooden mantel


Stone and wood? How could it even be? It may sound like a duo that shouldn’t ever be paired, but when you see the two together, you may start to disagree with that statement. While you may not want to intertwine them together too much, a subtle combination can make the two materials stand out. 

With stone making up most of your fireplace and the wooden mantel only taking up a little bit of the space, it adds a little something special and is a great stone fireplace idea that will catch the eye of any visitors. Still skeptical? Have a look at the two together for yourself and see how welcoming they are!


Stone fireplace with a wooden mantel behind two chairs and a table with a flower.


Match your room to the stone fireplace


There’s nothing better than a well-designed room. From the color scheme to the decor, you can’t ever feel uncomfortable sitting in a perfectly matched room. So, if you’re thinking about what kind of stone fireplace you want in your home, you may want to start by looking at the aesthetic of the room you’ll be installing it in.

For example, if your room is full of neutral grays, blacks, and white, then you may want to introduce a stone fireplace with a whitewash with a black or gray mantel. On the other hand, if your room is a bit more rustic with brown and orange tones, you would be better off opting for a fireplace with natural stone.



Stone Fireplace that goes well with the rest of the room


Paint over your stone fireplace with a natural color


Sometimes you move into a home that already has a stone fireplace built into it. This is great because it saves you a lot of time and money trying to install a brand-new one. However, the original fireplace rarely matches your aesthetic and what you want. This is when you may want to consider updating it with a fresh coat of paint. 

Painting stone isn’t hard, and it also takes little to no time. With Brick Anew’s Stone Fireplace Paint Kit, you have everything you need to ensure it is completed to perfection. You only need to choose the color or shade to paint with, and then you’ll have all the tools you need to complete the job with ease


Stone fireplace painted with a natural gray color.


Introduce some bright decor


Another stone fireplace idea that can update an already-installed stone fireplace is to add some pieces of decor to the mantel. If you like all things bright and colorful, then you can have some fun when you choose what pieces you want to introduce to the area. From blue to hot pink, it can add some personality to the room and make people feel welcome when they see the fireplace. 

There are also a ton of different decor pieces you can choose from. Flower vases are a fantastic addition and can come in different shapes and sizes. You may also want to opt for bright picture frames or special knick-knacks you have collected over the years. 


Brighten up the room with some white


You can never go wrong with white. It is a shade that goes with any other color and can pull together a room perfectly. If you like to change your room’s aesthetic often, you might want to opt for a white stone fireplace because then you know it’ll always match. 

On top of that, the color white brightens up any room, especially if you introduce some natural light through open windows. This can lift anyone’s mood and makes the room seem more inviting for you and any visitors. White has a wide range of benefits, and you can easily keep it clean with Brick Anew’s Brick and Stone Fireplace Cleaner


White stone fireplace with small plants inside.


Turn your stone fireplace into a media fireplace with a TV


Many people place a stone fireplace in the center of a room, which is the same for televisions. People like to sit around and watch their favorite movies and tv series while also having the warmth of a burning fire on them. However, how can you have both at the same time? There’s a simple solution for that: a media fireplace.

This is one of those stone fireplace ideas that you have to try. A media fireplace is a basic concept. Your stone fireplace is installed as usual, but you add a TV above the mantel. Everything is central, and it makes the room seem much more homely. It makes you want to go and sit near the area, and people may visit just to check it out. 


Stone fireplace with a TV attached to to the top of it.


Natural stone? Paint the mantel matte black


Natural stone fireplaces come with elements of beauty, but sometimes they can seem a little bland and outdated. You may already have one built in your home and looking for a way to spruce the area up without a drastic change. Luckily, a mantel is a fantastic way to make a subtle improvement.

Natural stone often comes in browns and grays, so black is the perfect shade to match it. Natural stone also doesn’t shine very often unless it has a glossy layer added to it, so a matte black mantel makes a great combination. It may not seem like a lot, but it will definitely make a noticeable difference to your room and how you feel entering it. 


Floor-to-ceiling for something different


When you think of a stone fireplace, what comes to mind? Often it is a simple set-up that starts halfway down the wall and reaches the floor. However, there are a ton of variations that are much different than this, and it can make your room seem more unique than any other. One of these variations is a floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace that goes all the way up the wall. 

These great fireplaces display the stone far more than any other, introducing something different to your room. It may take a bit longer to install and dig into your budget a bit more, but it is certainly worth it in the long run. A floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace is also harder to cover up, so if you want one, you will need to think hard about whether you want to go through with it. 


Stone fireplace that covers the whole wall, from floor to ceiling.


You can’t go wrong with gray


Many people opt for black and white as the base shade for their stone fireplace, but many people sleep on gray. It is actually a fantastic shade for modernizing stone fireplaces and adding an elegant look to any room. So, why not install or update a stone fireplace in your room with a shade of gray and watch how it transforms?

Of course, many stones come in the color gray, but you can also paint over other colors using the Brick-Anew Paint Kit. Depending on how light you want the gray to be, you may need to add a layer of white first to darker bricks. 


Gray tacked stone fireplace in an empty room.


Bring in a black-and-white theme


Many things come in black and white. Old movies, balls, Oreos, and much more. The two colors are a match made in heaven. But what do they go even better with? Stone fireplaces! Similar to updating your area with a shade of gray, these two colors also add a sleek and modern element to your room and can pair perfectly with different types of decor.

How you incorporate the two colors is entirely up to you. You may want to have a whitewashed stone with a black mantel or vice versa. Either way, it will lift up the aesthetic of your room, and many guests will no doubt drop their jaws with awe when they see what you’ve done. 


Show off with a large mirror


Like a TV, mirrors are a central feature of many rooms. They help people stay up to date on how they look, and they also make the area look much more modern and appealing. Due to this, it is a great idea to add a large mirror to the top of a mantel above your stone fireplace. 

Out of all the stone fireplace ideas, this one is slightly more subtle, but it can also make a big difference if you know how to match the mirror. Matching the mirror’s frame to the mantel can make the entire setup look nicely put together. And to top things off? You can always check yourself out as you walk by. 


Gray stacked stone fireplace with a large mirror at the top of it.


Try unique, different-colored stones 


Many people seem to believe that all the stones on a fireplace must be the same color. However, sometimes installing different colored stones can add a unique edge to the area and make people ask questions about what you did to make it look like that. It often works well with natural stones, but you can also paint them different colors.

The colors you choose are best depending on the aesthetic of your room. You can go for black and white if it matches your walls and furniture. Or you can opt for something a little more natural if you have warm tones spread across the room.


Small individual stone fireplace which are all painted different shades.


Keep things simple with a white mantel


We’ve already spoken about painting your stone fireplace white, but sometimes you don’t need to go all out. If you already have gray or black stone, you can introduce a pop of white by simply installing a new mantel or painting the one you already have white. 

Just like if you were to paint your mantel matte black or add a new material such as wood, it only makes a subtle change. However, the change is big enough for people to notice and can make your room seem much more inviting. 


Stone fireplace with a white mantel.


Add trim to your stone fireplace


Most stone fireplaces simply end where the stone does and are paired with a mantel shelf. However, while they aren’t as common, you can also get stone fireplaces that are built with a trim. This acts like a border and is best when it matches your mantel. 

The material your trim is often made out of wood or some form of metal. If your mantel is wooden, then you’ll want a wooden trim. And you will also want the color of your trim to be the same as your mantel. You are then left with a stone fireplace that seems much neater, and separating the area from the rest of the room is easier. 


Opt for a cozy and rustic aesthetic


Nothing says inviting more than warm and rustic. If you’re building your stone fireplace from scratch, there are a lot of different aspects you can incorporate to build this aesthetic. One of the main things is natural, uneven stones. You don’t want it to seem neat but rather like it is something you’d see out in the outdoors. 

When it comes to the mantel, you’ll probably want something wooden that has been lightly stained with the shade of your choice. What you put on the mantel is up to you, but for a perfectly rustic approach, you’ll want to maybe stack a few books that make the room feel cozy and comforting. 


Old fashioned fireplace burning a log.


A double-sided fireplace that stands out


We’ve already mentioned a ceiling-to-floor stone fireplace as one of the many variations out there, but another one is a double-sided fireplace. These are particularly great when you have a living room that opens straight into the dining room or kitchen. It allows you to feel the heat of the fire from both sides, and it offers a modern design. 

The fireplace looks kind of like a column in the center of the room, with the firepit in a hole that can be seen from both sides. The stone will surround the entire four walls of the column. It doesn’t have to be ceiling-to-floor, but double-sided fireplaces often are. 


Introduce a festive theme


There are so many holidays year-round, which means many opportunities to spruce up your stone fireplace with a festive theme. People love walking into a home that matches the closest holiday, and it can make any room seem much more cozy and welcoming.

Some examples of festive themes include wreaths and tinsel on and around the mantel during Christmas and paper turkeys and buntings when Thanksgiving comes around. You can also match the theme to the seasons, such as a snowy look in winter or lots of flowers when spring has sprung. How you choose to decorate is up to you, and you can even introduce your own personal styling into the themes.


Festive themed gray fireplace, with stockings hanging over it next to a Christmas tree.


Put together a farmhouse look


A farmhouse aesthetic is extremely popular when people are modernizing stone fireplaces because it adds a perfect contrast to the built-in material. A wooden mantel is a great place to start, but you really start to introduce the farmhouse look when you add a small wicker basket, feathers, leaves, and other earthy tones. 

There are a ton of different ways you can incorporate a farmhouse style into your stone fireplace, and what you choose to add can all come down to personal preference. However, you can’t go wrong with natural, warm colors (and possibly a nice bunting to hang on the mantel).


Place the stone fireplace in between shelves


As we’ve already mentioned, a stone fireplace is a central part of a room. But what do you put on either side of the wall when you’ve installed the fireplace? Shelves are a great addition to any wall, but they also add extra storage to your room as well. And you can never go wrong with extra storage. 

If you like this stone fireplace idea, you will probably want to install shelves with the same material and color as your mantel. It will make the two sides of the walls match the fireplace perfectly, and it will definitely be a sight to look at whenever you enter the room. 


Natural stone fireplace in between two brown shelves. Two black sofas infront.


Show off your memories on the mantel


Almost every stone fireplace has a mantel, but what do you want to put on top of it? You can never go wrong with a collection of picture frames and photos. They are a fantastic way to show off your memories with family and friends, and they can add an element of nostalgia each time you walk past them.

Having personal items and memories on your mantel can make your room seem much more inviting and homely, which is the main aim of any stone fireplace. You can change them whenever you want and add new photos and frames as you develop new memories.