There are so many different ways to improve the look of your fireplaces and mantels. But often the best way to achieve the look you want is to do it yourself.This post by This Old House is what I consider a “foundational” blog post for how to build your own wood mantel from scratch.

The post provides an estimate for how long it may take to build your new wood mantel, a list of supplies, how much you should expect to spend, and the steps to complete the job.


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How to Build a Wood Mantel. How to put together a classic surround from stock lumber and

So now you can go out in one weekend, shop for supplies, do the prep work and build the mantel.  How much fun (and how satisfying) would it be to be able to give your fireplace a first-class makeover and a brand new mantel?  Now is the perfect time to add this DIY project to your list and have it ready for fireplace season to return this fall.  Good luck!

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