Color Used: Twilight Taupe

Take a look at this beautiful fireplace that home renovation specialist, Yvonne,  from Phoenix Arizona, sent us after using the Brick-Anew paint system.

This is how the fireplace looked before. Yvonne’s client was sick and tired of the dark, speckled brick and wanted to make a change without spending a fortune. Yvonne had used Brick-Anew before so she knew just what to do.


I chatted with Yvonne last week and  here’s what she had to say:

“I work in the home remodeling industry and my Brick-Anew project turned out really great. I will definitely use it again. The homeowner wanted to replace the fireplace brick with stone but it was really expensive. I talked her into trying Brick-Anew since it was a much cheaper option. She used the money she saved on other projects in the house. We decided that worst case, it’s just paint. What did we have to lose? My client ended up loving the new look. The project worked out perfectly!!”

We love getting feedback like Yvonne’s.  Saving her client money and creating a beautiful fireplace makes her look like a rock star!  One of the best things about the Brick-Anew kit is that it’s so much less expensive than other options home renovators might consider like tearing out the brick and replacing it with stone or a different color brick.  You can see other customer testimonials here.

Brick fireplace remodeling can be the perfect solution for a drab, dark room with an ugly brick fireplace.  A brick fireplace makeover will change the entire look and feel of a room and make it look lighter and brighter instantly.

Frosted Sunshine
Misty Harbor
Twilight Taupe

Brick Fireplace Paint Kit

$299.00 $239.00

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  • Suzanne Forgione says:

    Can you please tell me the color Yvonne used?

    1. Eric Hangartner says:

      The color is Twilight Taupe. Hope this helps!

  • John Swinburn says:

    It would be very helpful if these before and after pieces (and your website in general) identified which colors were used. Also, it would be nice to have much larger photos showing “after” shots of color scheme used. I can’t tell from your website which colors I might want to select for my fireplace.

    1. Eric Hangartner says:

      Hey John, thanks for the helpful feedback. We’re working to make sure all our testimonials have the color listed going forwards. This fireplace was painted with Twilight Taupe. If you’re still having trouble deciding which color to use, check out our color guide here:

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