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Do I need a Custom Mantel?

Most fireplaces do not require a custom mantel. If you have an unusually large or wide fireplace, you may need a custom mantel to fit these applications. If you have a brick fireplace, you will require a mantel with a larger return in the back. Some of our most affordable mantels are our custom mantels.

Do I need a Full Mantel or a Shelf?

Most of the time the choice between a mantel and a mantel shelf is one of aesthetics and price. Naturally, since a shelf is less material, they cost less. But there are cases where a shelf is an excellent choice over a full surround. If you have a stone surround, or any other material that prevents the installation of a full surround, a Fireplace Shelf may be the right thing for you. Please call us at 800.897.7175 if you are not sure and one of our certified fireplace specialists can help you decide.

What Tools Will I Need?

You won’t need much and you most likely already have all you need: 
Hammer, finishing nails, wood screws, and a screwdriver or drill gun (drill gun is recommended). 

What Kind of Assembly is Required?

Our fireplace mantels require very little assembly. With our full mantel surrounds you just attach the legs to the shelf with brackets and its ready to install. Fireplace shelves are even easier, and attach with mounting brackets.

How Do I Mount My Fireplace Mantel or Shelf?

Mounting a fireplace shelf is done with the use of mounting brackets and the included screws. Full surround mantels also mount with mounting brackets and come with detailed instructions.

Can I Install My Mantel on a Brick Fireplace?

Yes, you can. Brick will require a larger return – the return is the space in the back of your mantel that allows for facing, or material behind it. Our lowest priced mantels are also our custom mantels, which allow you to specify a larger return to accommodate brick facing. In some instances, you may want to go with a mantel shelf.

How Do I Correctly Measure My Fireplace for a Fireplace Mantel?

Can my mantel be made to a custom size? Can I alter depth, width and thickness of my mantel?

What is MDF? Is MDF a better mantel than real wood?

Can I stain/paint my MDF mantel myself?

What is Choi wood? Poplar Wood? Wood Veneers?

What do you use a plinth for?

What is the neccessary heat clearance when installing mantels over a fireplace?

What is the Suggested Preparation Before Painting or Staining?

What are the stain choices for your mantels?

What is the difference in “face”