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Brick-Anew Fireplace Paint Kit

Why Use Brick Anew paint products for fireplace remodel project?

Since 1997, homeowners have hailed the Brick-Anew Paint Kit as one of the best fireplace painting systems in the U.S., and our customer service as second to none. Need help with color choices? Got a question about how to apply paint or sealant? An experienced fireplace specialist is here to help with whatever you need, before, during and after the sale.

The Lowdown: Using Our Fireplace Paint Kit

    • Total Time: About 5 to 6 hours, including application and drying between steps.
    • Preparing For Your Makeover: Use our Fireplace Brick Cleaner, or Fireplace Glass Cleaner if your fireplace or doors have ash deposits or creosote stains.
    • Before Starting Your Makeover: Clean your fireplace to make sure the base coat sealer fully bonds with your brick.

Consider Before Ordering

It’s hard to tell before you start painting how porous your brick will be. Based on 13 years of knowledge and experience we’ve learned it’s better to end up with a little base coat left over for future touch-ups. The number of Paint Kits to order depends on your fireplace’s total square feet of brick. For example:

    • 60 sq ft: 1 Paint kit
    • 65-80 sq ft: 1 paint kit, plus 1 extra base coat sealer
    • 80-120 sq ft: 1 paint kit, plus 2 extra base coat sealers
    • 120-200 sq ft: 2 paint kits
To start your efficient fireplace painting project and enjoy a complete makeover in the end, follow our 5-step brick fireplace painting process.

How confident are we that you’ll be happy with the results? Each order is backed by our No Hassle, Money Back Guarantee.

Fireplace Restoration with Brick Anew Paint