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How do Fireplace Blowers  Work? The fan is located underneath the fireplace floor in the backside. The fan draws cool air in from the bottom vents and heats it up inside  before being forced out into the room at the top.  Also known as heaters or fans, these fireplace inserts rely on a small, electronic motor to circulate warm air without adversely affecting the combustibility or strength of the fire.

When using a fireplace door with blower you are essentially using a tiny amount of electricity to greatly increase the heat generated by the fuel in your fireplace, whether that fuel is wood or gas. Installing a fireplace heater or blower (fireplace doors with blowers) is an easy and effective way to boost energy efficiency and warm your home, especially if you have a drafty fireplace.

You only need to answer a few simple questions:

Will your Fireplace accept a blower kit?

Not all fireplaces accept blowers. Fireplaces that allow the addition of a blower or fan kit are considered circulating. This simply means the fireplace uses the blower to draw in cool room air through a vented panel. As cool room air is taken in, that air is heated as it circulates around the hot firebox. Most manufacturers will specify if a fireplace model includes the option to add a blower or fan kit, so it’s important to read your owner’s manual for details on which kit to use. Blowers are most commonly used in gas fireplaces, but wood burning inserts, stoves and even masonry fireplaces can often times take advantage of a blower.

Do you have an electrical outlet near your fireplace?

Have you chosen the right size blower for your fireplace?

Are you interested in maximizing you fireplace’s efficiency?