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Vent-free propane gas logs burn so efficiently that the fumes they produce are negligible and are safe inside your home.  That being said, (1) We highly recommend installing a carbon monoxide detector.  That way carbon monoxide can’t build up to a dangerous level without your knowledge.  (2) Some fire codes do not allow for ventless gas logs so check your local restrictions before buying.

No venting means that all of the heat produced goes directly into your room.  Thus, even though they produce less overall heat than their vented cousins, they give more heat into the room.  This makes them an excellent heat source during colder months.

Ventless gas logs sets should be installed into an appropriate fireplace.  Before buying, ensure that your fireplace is approved for vent free gas logs.

These gas logs do produce shorter, less colorful flames than a traditional wood fire, but you get a greater heat output in return.  Vented gas logs have a very traditional flame, but less heat.  Which is better?  It’s really up to you.

Propane is a great choice if you already have a propane tank at your home.  If you currently use natural gas, take a look at our natural gas log sets.

Our Selection

The expert team at Brick-Anew has researched the best gas logs.  We’ve picked the best brands, the best products, and the best price points to show to you above.  Our goal is to find  the best gas logs for you!  We’ve done research into each product we’ve listed so that you can buy with confidence.

While many of our logs come with manual lighting systems, you can upgrade to electronic ignitions if you desire.  The gas logs are designed with efficient burner systems and glowing ember beds.  The logs are hand painted for that real wood fire feel.

Need more info?  Check out our Gas Log FAQ page or reach out to our customer service team by email or phone.