We talked a bit about the importance of keeping your fireplace and chimney clean on the blog last week. It’s true, getting your chimney swept and serviced once or twice a year can help improve the quality of air in your home, and also help get rid of creosote.
What a Chimney Sweep Does

When a chimney sweep comes to your home to help clear and maintain your chimney, they bring with them some pretty heavy duty tools to help do the job.

Professional chimney sweeps use sturdy, long rods with heavy metal bristles to clean the creosote and debris from your chimney.

chimney sweep

Image source: HighsChimney.com

While a chimney sweep typically brings their own drop cloths with them to help reduce the mess, you may also want to add plastic sheeting or coverings for the floors and furniture to help keep everything clean. Normally the process begins with the chimney sweep cleaning out the flue, and then work their way up or down the chimney. Regardless of where they begin their process, their goal is to clear out and scrape the debris and coating from your chimney lining, so that the material falls away and can then be cleaned up.

If you have a chimney, then you know animals can also crawl in and make themselves at home. Having a chimney sweep come in and check and get rid of any “furry friends” who may have made themselves at home is another important reason to have your chimney maintained at least once each year.

Get Ready for Your Chimney Sweep’s Visit
Your first concern and task should be to move any furniture or objects that could be damaged or stained by the soot and debris the chimney sweep cleans out of your chimney. You should also pull out your drop clothes or plastic sheets to cover your furniture, and protect it from the dirt and debris that could be knocked loose by the tools used to clear out your chimney.

Other than that, once the chimney sweep has completed their work, your fireplace should be in good shape, and ready for use!

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