Moving to a house with a fireplace can be a great idea! Fireplaces provide an ambiance of warmth and tranquility; it could be one of the essential elements that decides your new place of abode.

However, even though fireplaces come with a crackling, cozy glow, it can pose problems. Not only are many fireplaces outdated, they can become dangerous fire hazards when not cared for properly.

If you want your house relocation to be safe and efficient, consider these fireplace tips from the get-go:

Have the Chimney Inspected

Before the moving day, be sure to get the chimney inspected by a specialist. Unless you’re a trained expert, you need the assistance of a professional to check whether the chimney is in good working condition. Remember, if you inspect the chimney before you move in, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your new home’s fireplace is safe to use upon your arrival.

Sweep the Chimney

In addition to inspection, it’s important to have the chimney swept when moving to a house with a fireplace. This is one of the most important things to do to make sure you’ll not end up dealing with chimney fire. 

Unless you have documentation that the chimney is clean and safe, you have to clean it up to prevent creosote buildup which is highly combustible and a fire hazard. Also, when the chimney is filled with this substance, carbon dioxide poisoning might happen.

You’ll want to do this before you move in so you don’t risk covering your covering your new furniture and flooring with a sooty mess. Hiring well-rated professionals is a must for a thorough job that doesn’t make too big a mess!

Think about a Fireplace Remodel

In most layouts, the fireplace is set as the focal point of the living room. If it is outdated, your whole living room will have an outdated feel. It is essential that you update your fireplace. You may just need a new mantel or a quick whitewash, but if your brick is really dingy, you may want a transformative look!

You can resurface your fireplace, of course, but that can be very costly. The Brick Anew paint kit is designed to transform your brick, maintain a natural brick look, and brighten your space, all for $200. If you’re considering moving to a home with outdated brick, the Brick-Anew paint kit might be just what you need!

Test Your New Damper

The fireplace damper is used to regulate the flow of exhaust from the fire. When you aren’t burning in the fireplace, you can keep the damper closed to keep out cold weather.

However, when substances like ash and creosote build up, they’ll stop the damper from opening and closing properly, which might cause a fire hazard. To ensure your safety, you should hold a lit candle under the closed damper. If the flame flickers, a draft is coming in through the damper which indicates a fire safety hazard as well as a potential strain on your heating bill.

If your damper opens fully but doesn’t close, you can install a set of fireplace doors to keep out the draft. Sometimes dampers break and buying doors can be less expensive than replacing the damper.

Create a Fire Escape Plan

While your professional movers Manhattan NYC or wherever you may be are busy handling the logistics aspects of your relocation, you can now focus your attention elsewhere. It’s important to create a fire escape plan so you’ll know what to do if a fire escapes from the firebox.

For instance, your fire plan should include whether certain members of the household will try and put out the fire or simply go to safety. If you’re moving to a home with bedrooms upstairs, be sure to purchase fire ladders for each room in the event fire occurs and the stairs are blocked.

Purchase a Fire Extinguisher

Another safety tip to keep in mind when moving to a new house with a fireplace is to buy a fire extinguisher. If your fire escapes from the fireplace, a fire extinguisher can extinguish the fire before it grows.

Know and Follow Safe Operation Practices

Moving to a house with a fireplace can be very exciting, but it comes with risks that you should be aware of. Here are some tips anyone starting, maintaining, or putting out a fire in your home should know:

  1. Avoid using chemicals as well as wet, moldy, or rotten wood to fuel your fireplace.
  2. Refrain from creating a roaring fire; use an appropriate amount of fuel and keep the fire contained in the firebox.
  3. Make sure to dispose of the ashes once they are completely cool. To be safe, place the ashes in a metal container.
  4. If you plan to use newspapers as kindle, remove any colored portion. Colored ink can contain lead and other substances that can create toxic gasses.
  5. Inspect your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors on a regular basis.
  6. Store poking tools and matches in a safe place, out of reach of pets and children.
  7. Be sure you keep curtains and other flammable materials a safe distance from the fireplace.


As you can see, there are many things to take note to ensure a safe fireplace operation once you arrive. For the meantime, you should get quality moving packing services from a reputable company while you’re preoccupied with the safety of your new home. Instead of stressing yourself out with the tasks involved, you can use some extra hands to make the transition less stressful. 

If you’ve always dreamt of a fireplace in your dwelling place, then, there’s nothing to worry about. Despite the safety risks associated with having a fireplace, you can always keep everyone in the household safe by following the tips mentioned above when relocating to a new house.