Lately we have discussed electric fireplaces vs. wood burning fireplaces, and why electric fireplaces are a nice choice for people who rent, and don’t have their own fireplace but still want to enjoy the ambiance of a fire.
But what about gas fireplaces, you say? Today we have that covered, too. Gas fireplaces are a nice, clean alternative to a wood burning fireplace.

Now, here are some reasons for you to consider a gas fireplace for your home.

Low Maintenance

Like wood burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces are a good alternative to a traditional wood burning fireplace. Just like traditional fireplaces, annual inspections are also recommended for gas fireplaces. Maintenance for gas fireplaces include maintaining and cleaning valves, and making sure that fuel connections in your home are in good working condition.

vented fireplace gas logs

Vented fireplace gas logs
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This is great news for those of use who don’t have chimneys in their homes. Gas fireplaces can be vented in a number of ways. In fact, gas fireplaces and stoves can be vented right through a wall in your home.

Ease of Use

Once a gas line has been run to fuel your gas fireplace, your fuel connection is complete.

Nowadays, starting a fire in your gas fireplace can be as easy as turning on a switch or clicking on a remote control. A lot of the “fear factor” of lighting the gas fire has been removed from the process of lighting your gas fireplace. In short, it’s quick, simple and safe.

Lots of Design Options

Gas fireplaces have become more beautiful over time. You can install a gas fireplace in just about any wall. You can also choose to add beautiful gas logs, or choose a more modern display, with flames that play against glass or rocks. There are many beautiful designs and options to choose from.

Environmentally Friendly

As a fuel, gas is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. When you use gas as a fuel, you release fewer emissions into the air.

Lower Home Heating Costs

If you use your gas fireplace for zone heating, you can lower your utility bills.  So what will you choose for your home? A lot depends upon your preference. If you like the ambiance of a live, wood burning fire, without the clean up and soot, then a gas fireplace might be the perfect solution for your home.

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