There’s no doubt that a fireplace can add beauty, warmth and atmosphere to any room. A fireplace can quickly become the focal point of your family room, living room, bedroom or den.

Though wonderful additions to any home, if you plan on having a fireplace installed, keep in mind that with the aesthetic and design benefits also come issues you need to keep at the forefront for a successful fireplace installation. For example, many people believe that installing a fireplace in their home will help them cut down on heating bills and fuel during the cold winter months, which isn’t necessarily true. In order to help reduce utility bills and keep warm air from going up the chimney, adding a set of glass fireplace doors to fit your firebox may be more helpful.

Glass Fireplace Doors

EZ Door Plus Glass Fireplace Doors

Get More Efficient Home Heating with Glass Fireplace Doors

Are you expecting your fireplace to be a major supplier of heat to your home or room? Experts say that on average fireplaces don’t add a lot of additional heat to a room or home. In fact, on average, for the traditional masonry fireplace found in many homes, up to 80% or more of the heat generated by your fireplace goes up the chimney, not into your home. Glass fireplace doors help seal the opening of the fire box once the flames have died down, keeping the warmth generated by the fire in your home, not allowing it to escape up the chimney.

When it comes to drawing heat from your fireplace and into your home, chimney dampers are not nearly as effective as dampers combined with glass fireplace doors. A proper fireplace set-up can double the efficiency of your fireplace, and help generate the warmth you desire.

Finding the Right Fireplace Doors

The first step in selecting the right fireplace doors for your fireplace is to have the model number for your fireplace handy when you place the order to make sure you are purchasing the right doors. If the fireplace in your home is a Superior Fireplace, for example, you will want to be sure that you have the right model number for your fireplace.  To locate the fireplace number, check the metal plate found on the front opening of your fireplace box. For Superior, you will see numbers like BR36, BR42, RD42, RD3800, HC42, CF3860, RD36, BCF42, BCF36, EST4800, BC36, ST3840, B1038, and HCE4050A.

If you can’t find the model number on your fireplace box, then measure the opening yourself. Standard fireplace measurements are 36” or 42”, but be sure to get both the vertical and horizontal measurements, as exact dimensions can vary on occasion.

Install Glass Fireplace Doors for Safety

The most important criteria for selecting the right glass fireplace doors for your fireplace is safety. Though glass fireplace doors should be kept open while a fire is burning, you need to be careful to close the doors once the fire is out to protect both small children and pets from hot surfaces, embers and ashes, which can cause harm. Whether you go straight to the manufacturer, or opt for replacement doors, getting the right glass doors for your fireplace box will offer important protections against injury.

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