“Brick-Anew Paint Kit to the Rescue!”

Carmen and John are both actors and have limited time to devote to each of their home renovation projects. (Maybe you’ve seen John riding a motorcycle with Flo in those cool Progressive Insurance commercials!)  They have to be able to go for an audition on a moment’s notice so they weren’t real thrilled of adding another complicated project to their already long list.

I convinced them that the Brick-Anew paint kit project would take just a couple of days and they’d get a lighter real brick look without a huge mess or expense.  So after the decision was made, it was time to get started!

First, Carmen taped off the fireplace and cleaned the brick so it was ready to paint.  The base coat went on first.  The brick was rough and porous with ridges and cracks so it took a little more time to apply the base coat.  When the base coat was finished, we let it dry overnight.

We could have kept going but were were ready for a break.  Carmen made home made organic pesto and pasta for dinner …Delicious!

“What About the Firebox?”

After the Brick-Anew brick paint was finished, we noticed the firebox was this big, unattractive opening about 36”wide by 29”high stained with soot and ash.  There was a faded metal grate in it for holding logs.

We took our high temperature black firebox paint and got to work.  We sell the firebox paint on our website.  It’s a high temperature grill and stove paint that can be used inside the firebox as well.  We opened all the windows and doors since there’s a strong odor until it dries.  Carmen painted the grate a placed it back in the firebox.  Voila!  Beautiful, new firebox!

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