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Fireplace Makeover: All Things Heart and Home

All Things Heart and Home Q and A

We’re very lucky here at “blog HQ” to get the opportunity to meet so many amazing people!  One of our very favorites is Robin, who fills one of our favorite blogs, All Things Heart and Home, with lots of ideas and love. In fact, Robin is in the process of completing a fireplace makeover right now, which we are very proud to be taking part in at Brick-Anew. Now let’s see what Robin has to say!

BA: Where did you get the idea for All Things Heart and Home-what triggered your desire to create the blog and share your world?

Robin: I started blogging a few years after my mom passed away. She left such a beautiful legacy of faith and creativity and All Things Heart and Home is my way of honoring that legacy, and perhaps leaving one for my children and grandchildren.

BA: What makes you so passionate about interior design and home decor?

Robin: I’m passionate because for me, everything I do in my home is a reflection of my heart. My home is a canvas for my creativity, but it’s also the way I show love by creating an atmosphere of warmth and welcome for family and friends.

BA: How do you go about choosing projects for yourself? What makes a project exciting for you?

Robin: I have a vision for our home. The vision starts with heart. “How do I want to feel in a particular room, how do I want my friends and family to feel when they walk into this room?” My projects, especially the bigger projects, are cohesive with that vision.

All Things heart and Home Fireplace Makeover

Robin’s fireplace, getting ready for the big makeover!
Photo credit: All Things Heart and Home

BA: We know you are in the process of doing a fireplace ‘”makeover:” What made you decide to do the project? Have you ever updated a fireplace before?

Robin: Our fireplace is central to our living area, and while it’s beautiful in so many ways, the logs and the gas flames are small, and I think with a little help, we could up the cozy factor!

And yes, I did a fireplace makeover in our old house! It had a dark red brick surround and I lightened it by painting the brick. That simple DIY changed the entire room. I sure wish I’d know about Brick-Anew back then!

BA: A lot of our readers are looking for ways to make their fireplace stand out in a room redesign or update. How do you approach a redesign or design challenge in a room with a fireplace?

Robin: In most rooms with a fireplace, it’s the focal point…so updating the fireplace always gives a big bang for your buck.

First, I would take a few pictures of the entire room, including the fireplace. Put those photos on your computer and have a look. I find that seeing a photo on my screen gives me a different perspective. Dark brick and dated mantels are good starting points. Updating these elements can instantly change the feel of the entire room.

BA: In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge facing someone when starting a home design or update/DIY project?

Robin: Ahhhh,I think the biggest challenge is also the biggest asset..Information! There is so much information online these days that if you aren’t careful you can become overwhelmed from the sheer volume. And I think the second biggest challenge is comparison. If we aren’t careful, we come away from an hour on Pinterest feeling “less-than.” I  try to continually remind myself that my projects are unique. I can fully appreciate someone else’s home without feeling that mine isn’t enough.

BA: What are your best tips and advice for people who want to tackle a DIY or home decor project on their own?


1. Plan! Doing DIY projects these days is easier than ever because we have so much information online. Use Pinterest for inspiration, start a private board specifically for your room or project. I allow at least a week to pin inspiration images, but longer is better.

2. Pin any and everything. Does a photo of a soft blue sky over a vibrant aqua ocean make you breathe deep and feel calm? That might be the exact feeling you want in your bedroom that you’re making over.

3. Use blogs and YouTube for detailed tutorials. Add these resources to your board on Pinterest in case you might want to refer back to them when doing your project.

4. Don’t be afraid to shop online. I was hesitant to start ordering online but I’ve been so happy with my experiences.

5. And lastly, don’t be discouraged by your budget. There are projects and makeovers for every budget! I’ve made-over entire rooms using only paint and fabric…my two secret weapons in budget decorating!

BA: What is the most frequently asked question you get from your audience at All Things Heart and Home?

Robin: I’ve had lots of questions about where I bought some decor item in my rooms. Some readers send me photos of a room and ask for ideas. And lots of readers email me asking me to pray for them or a family member… I love getting to know my online friends, so any correspondence is welcome.

BA: What’s the most unexpected thing you’ve learned along the way?

Robin: I’d say that I’m surprised at how content I am in my own space. ln the past, my creativity has been driven by discontent. Discontent with a particular room. Discontent with the color of my walls or my countertops. Change came from a negative place.

Now, when I think of making a change in my home, it’s coming from a positive. My home isn’t perfect (it never will be), but it shelters me and my family. It gives us a place to gather and make memories. I’ll make improvements and changes along the way because I love the creative process not because I’m miserable with something.

BA: What room in your house resonates most with you and why?

Robin: I think it’s our great room, which is what sold us on this house in the first place. The house was built in 1989 and was in disrepair,  but when we walked through the front door and the entry opened into the den, which opened into the breakfast room and the kitchen, we knew this space would be ideal for our family get-togethers (34 of us and still growing!). When this great room is full of friends and family I know it’s doing exactly what it was meant to do and that absolutely resonates with me!

All Things Heart and Home Q and A

Robin, her husband, Mike, and their granddaughter.

Thanks, Robin for your great tips and advice!  We’re looking forward to seeing that updated fireplace roaring soon!

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