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Now that winter is slowing down and we are perched on the start of Spring, you might want to think about the next phase for your fireplace, especially if you have a non-wood burning fireplace in your home.While I love fireplaces for what they were originally intended for, I do live in a part of the country that is much colder on average, so a wood burning fireplace is a feature that many of the people who live in my region of the country can find a use for about 8 to nine months of the year.

But even up in these parts, we do like to change things up, and find new uses and ideas for our fireplaces and fireplace decor, especially once May and June roll around.  Especially if our fireplaces aren’t wood burning to begin with.

That’s why I wanted to share this post from the folks at, which is chock full of ideas for how to use your inactive fireplace as a decorating opportunity.

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Some of these ideas for fireplace decor are spectacular.  I think you’ll find some great ideas here (I know I did) for transforming your non-wood burning fireplace into something spectacular.  Enjoy!

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