Meet Laura Putnam! Her blog is called Finding Home where she writes about her life in the Hudson Valley of New York where she lives with her husband and two daughters as they craft maple syrup, share home decor projects, and their ideas and inspiration. Her warm style has captured the attention of DIY enthusiasts for several years.

Laura used our Brick-Anew paint kit to change the look of her fireplace when she redecorated her living room and completed her fireplace makeover. What a huge difference painting the fireplace made in the room! Here’s what she had to say about her decorating style…

Brick-Anew: What aspects of being a designer/decorator do you enjoy most?

Laura:  I love being able to help someone create the home that they feel comfortable in and proud of.

Brick-Anew:  I love your mantel decor ideas! Where do you get your inspiration and what are your favorite ones?

Laura:  I usually start with one main idea and build around it from there. I think the one I love the most is my Christmas mantel from this past year. My style seems to be moving towards simpler style and I loved the colors.

Brick-Anew: What is the first thing you start with in a room you are about to decorate?

Laura:  it is never the same for any room. Each room has some pieces that “make or break” a room while some pieces can be interchangeable with different options.

Brick-Anew: Are there rules about color?

Laura:  my only rule is working with colors that you love.

Brick-Anew: What are some ways to freshen up your home using some things you already have without having to start all over?

Laura:  I am always moving things around from room to room or putting things away for a few months and then bringing them out “new” at another time. Of course, never overlook the power of a new paint color on walls or furniture.

Brick-Anew – I love your screened porch and pool (jealous!)! How did you come up with the themes/colors?

Laura: We built everything around the vintage furniture set we found. I knew I wanted the colors out there to be fun and bright so I built everything around a pretty loose color palette.

Brick-Anew: Your style seems to make a room cozy and homey. What are some tips you could give to personalize a home?

Laura: Never create a room that is just to look at. I believe investing in certain pieces but don’t spend a ton of money on a piece of furniture if you are going to be too uptight about people actually “living” in it.

Thanks so much and again it was so great to meet you!